Erin Morse

Corvallis, OR

United States

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i’m in favor of making objects that become art because i stuck them in the mail.
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  • Susan Weisberg

    Hi Erin, I received a quite abundant Add&Pass packet from you--thanks! I've added, and it looks as if it's ready to be sent back to the originator, but I see two different addresses for return: Francesco Cornello in Italy and The Extra Room in Ireland. Do you have an idea of who should get it? (Or should I avoid this dilemma and send it on to someone else entirely?)

  • Susan Weisberg

    Following up on my earlier comment about the Add&Pass: I figured out that it's two separate A&Ps, so will deal with each separately. 

  • Juan Petry

    hello erin,

    thanks for networking. lets create something nice together. what do YOU have in mind for that?

    saludos Juan