Susan Weisberg


San Francisco, CA

United States

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It's a great way to do something creative and playful, to be connected to other people doing the same thing, and hopefully to work together with them.
I discovered Mail Art about 13 years ago at a show at the San Francisco Art Institute. I immediately said, "I want to do that!" so I formed a small group that stayed in action for a few years. Since then I've done what I call Random Acts of Mail Art amid my other artistic endeavors (e.g., artist's books, mixed media work).But I want a more regular engagement in this wonderful medium, so here I am.
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544 Greenwich St.
San Francisco, CA 94133

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  • Juan Petry

    the monk was telling me i should send this postcard and i did...

  • Juan Petry

    hello susan, yes. it will take a while... but i wish and hope it will find its way. enjoy.

  • Juan Petry

    btw... it is a quiet tricky combination of collage as well. the guy down left is a famous german mail art artist and galerist, the PFANDSIEGEL is a piece of a German pawn shop to seal a stored piece of value for some money (WWII). the German sentence "Das kennen wir aus der Altenpflege!" is a running gag, poped up at a meeting in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON. The spell was used again and again when someone had forgotten something, couldn't remember, something was too difficult or something was not understood. The sentence was raised by a woman who had worked in elderly care for many years. But over time it has also become a mantra for what is yet to come... in other words, the future of our society. Skyline and eye are by a photographer whose son emigrated to America. We also have another running gag that goes with it: it will come as it is.... so there are few artefacts in this small collage, but very well thought out. Let's see what awaits us all in 2024... so "Nice prospects".