Big Brother is watching us

For the ones who were thinking that only email, facebook sites and other private digital sources are watched by Big Brother (all of our governments, intelligence services, other authorities, other others?): Wake Up!

Also snail mail turns out to be subject to unwanted secretly spying eyes!...

From now on we will be watched even more closely than before: as a member of this group you can share your thoughts, experiences and mail art about this subject.

Who knows who is watching you (and to the intruders among us: who are you watching, and why?!)?

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  • Margaret Jeddry

    If you own a cell phone, you have the capability of being tracked anytime.  Beware.  

  • Heleen de Vaan

    Probably not meant for this group but I cannot avoid feeling watched by these watching eyes :-) 

    Great mail art received from Val from France:

    Thank you very much, Val!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Just had to post this "Big Brother" Owl from Dean...for today :-)

    we are all being watched ..who? who? who?