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I like communication, art, paper, painting and concepts. The ideal combination for doing Mail-Art. Worked with rubberstamps as a child and started sending out letters as soon as I could write. Discovered that it was called mail-art in 1980. Have been discovering ever since and in the last years also promoting this free cultural exchange.
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TAM-Publications - P.O. Box 1055
4801 BB BREDA - N E T H E R L A N D S

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  • Bruno Cassaglia

    Hi Ruud, a friend of mine Maristella De Giuseppe, tries to register, but she can't, can you help her? thank you! a fraternal embrace; b

  • Valentine Mark Herman

    Hello Ruud,

    I hope you are well and have survived all the Covid waves.

    I have been sent information about the 'Mail Art Wave 2022', and am unsure what to do about it, and so would like to hear your views on it.

    It seems to be some sort of rival network to IUOMA -- to which my first loyalty lies.

    I could join in the 'wave', but not if it is jeapordises the position of IUOMA in the Mail Art world.

    With that, I wave, and say, goodbye;

    Regards, Val

  • Bruno Cassaglia

    Mail Art in partenza per Ruud Janssen!

    Mail Art leaving for Ruud Janssen!