I'll be making up some 'Music of Spring' mail art pieces in the next few days.

if you'd like to exchange something with me, please send me your name and postal address and then...the Rites of Spring can begin.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Val

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yes that will be wonderful.

i plan to send my pieces to each of group members so everyone could have its spring message. Let me know if anybody else is going to do the same thing.



Maria F

Hi Maria!

You are certainly on my List.

But No, I'm not sending something to all members for 2 main reasons: i) I can't afford to do so, ii) I have been sending out twice as many pieces as I have been receiving, and now have a new mailing policy -- I only mail to people who have mailed to me, or who have said that they will mail to me, or (like you) people who I know will one day definitely mail to me.

That keeps my mailing budget reasonably under control.

Regards, Val

Dear Maria F, Prosthet and Tina,

I have just posted you my 'Music of Spring' March piece, which I hope you like.

Sadly, no-one else seemed to be interested in this: it's their loss!

Spring came to the South of France in the last week of February, but in the first week of march it seems to have gone away. The music plays on though: on the turntable now is Lou Reed.

Regards, Val

Checking in late: I'm interested, too. I'm working on a batch of "Music of Spring" mail art pieces that I plan to send to Val, Maria F, Prosthet, and Tina. They'll be in the mail in a few days.


Fleur Helsingor

3858 Howe St.

Oakland, CA 94611



Grrrrr! That means I have to start again...BUT as it's you Dear Fleur (who sent me some very special cat artistamps) I don't really mind.

If I may ask, why are you called 'Fleur'' (which can translate from the French in to flower, bloom or blossom). It's a very nice name, but I've never come across it here in France. In the North of England,from whence I originate, a terms of affection given to all things female are 'Flower' or 'Petal'.

Hope you don't mind the question.

Regards, Val

Oh, Val, I'm sorry that my tardiness will cause you extra work! I apologize and promise to be more prompt in expressing my interest in participating when the next theme is announced.


Regarding my name: one of my grandmothers was named Flora so, in a sense, I'm named after her. She had an amazing garden so I think that she was well named. My own garden isn't quite so nice, but I'd like it to be ...... if only I had more time.


Fleur isn't an especially common name, although I've met or heard of other Fleurs in the United States and in England. I used to work with a woman named Linsley Fleur Bock, and a college friend had several relatives in England, including a cousin named Fleur.


There are several famous Fleurs, including Fleur Cowles, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 101! She was an artist and writer, and the wife of a prominent publisher in the U.S. Midwest. When I was visiting a friend in Des Moines, Iowa, I was amazed to find that one of the main roads in that town was called "Fleur Drive" and my friend told me that it was named after Ms. Cowles.

Dear Fleur,

You ARE famous in this household.

Thanks for the explanation that I found very interesting.

I've mailed you off a 'fleury' (ha!) March Postal Group card, and you should get it early next week.

May everything grow well in your garden.

Regards, Val

... and I took my own bright and colorful contributions to the post office this afternoon!




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