The Zombies are hungry, and they want their brains, and to make good, tasty brains they need to feed their people more books!


I am sending out several packets filled with two blank pieces of cardstock and a couple pages of zombie literature to help inspire you. If you receive one of these, add what you like that speaks zombie to you, and pass it along to someone else who you think may like to participate. when in doubt, you can always scour, and find someone who has submitted work there!


When you think the pages you've worked on seem complete, mail them back to me:


Mail of the Living Dead

1234 Sandusky Dr.

Iowa City, IA 52240



once received, they will be properly documented and added to the Mail of the Living Dead Zombie Encyclopedia.


project inspired by the clash of the asemic book project, and a comment Guido Vermeulen left me about not being able to forward a "Zombie Encyclopedia".

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hi Superhero...just letting you know I've received my packet yesterday....

and clarification please...I do one (1) page and then pass it along to the next Zombie????

I am a coffee Zombie this morning....


as much or as little as you like, then pass it along!

i got the idea from El Taller de Zenon to publish a book in PDF format at the end of the project.

i would love to do something like that with this, and also with the zombie book project!


what an awesome idea!!!!

you're super popular! ;-D

I rec'd my packet today ... who wants it next?! :)


 hI Superhiro!! my paket yesterday! ok!! I work  my paket and mail art - Julie  hi!!!)))
I sent the packet to you today!

Well oakley-dokely, I've finished my "contribution" in the Zombie encyclopedia pages that were recently sent to me... Does anyone want to play tag and request that I pass sent them on to you?  Here's a teaser of part of a page...

roberto, my daughter loves pokemon!!! ;-D




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