If you've completed 365 pieces, you deserve a place on the honours list - and here it is!

Please update if I miss out!

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November 31st 2011 Honours go to...





Please add your details in the reply so we can send our congrats!

Andy...30 days has September, Apriil, June, and NOVEMBER!

Our "365" day was November 30, 2011.

But you can add an extra day if you wish, hee,heee, heee!

Thank you for the Honours List, may we see many more listed soon!

It was an amazing experience, the results of which continue to influence me daily. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Who knew how this would turn out when you first brought up the subject, Andy. Thanks for the ride!

Wow! What an honor. Thanks. I thought it would be a relief to be finished but honestly, I feel a little bereft. Only one thing to do...keep making mailart! I learned so much over the last year about myself, all my lovely cohort and mostly about discipline and the setting of goals. This was a fantastic experience.

Don't forget Boo & Paula.  They also finished and should be on the list.  :-)

Sorry Boo! I know that this forum is going to be full of me making mistakes like this! Congratulations to Boo for finishing 365 on time too (November 31st....)

Wow!! I got my official certificate of finishing this weekend!! Andy, it's gorgeous and looks like a lot of work went into it. I love it, thank you so much! The envelope is seriously vying for top spot though. I'd say "Best Envelope Ever" actually.

Oh that was a beauty of an envelope huh! It was MY honour to send you the certificate actually JJ. Good work the whole year!

Done! :) I started almost two months later than most people but I kept my 1/19-1/19 goal true. I absolutely loved getting to know all of you and see your creativity. Here's to continuing to send mail forever!

Yes! Forever!! Nice sentiment. Congratulations Mary!!!!

AWESOME Mary! You have a postcard on the way from France, and I'll be creating your end of project card when I get a spare moment, which I hope will happen in March!

Andy, please add prettylily to the Honors list.  Two weeks past my goal date but I have completed the 365!  Just returned from the PO, after mailing my last batch out.  Whooo Hoooo!  Now I need a little nap. What an adventure.  What's next?  Mail art rehab??? 




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