Even though it makes sense that we can look on each others profiles, you may want to add your address here and any blogs or other accounts you want highlighted. This way it's in a closed environment and we all get to share.

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Me and Elena live together at

my REAL wall
PO Box 63138
W14 4BR

Obviously we don't live IN a PO Box but our mail goes there.

We blog at www.myrealwall.com www.quillingprojects.com and I tweet at www.twitter.com/andytgeezer and of course www.twitter.com/mailart365
hi Andy

Posted to you today for the 365 Project something called
'Pictures cannot burn.'

Happy New Year

Fabulous. Can't wait to see this in 2011 (I'm away for the holidays) and of course it will be up on my REAL wall as soon as I can. How about a coffee and mailart evening one day in 2011 Laurence?

(Oh I've got to add that Elena would rather like mail addressed to her. I can't blame her really as I do get a lot of post addressed to me...)



Hello fro California! I'll be sending you a card/s for the project. I'll try to catch up b/c I'm entering late. Love your philosophy!

Me and Elena and my REAL wall and all it's associated postal stuff have now moved! 


Our new address is 


my REAL wall 

53 Haygreen Close

Kingston upon Thames



Congrats Andy & Elena! 

LOVE your new address - so very English, and very pretty, too....

Hmmm yes I suppose it is very English. I hadn't noticed that Mabb but thanks for pointing it out. It's SUCH a lovely place I wish you could see it for REAL!
Look forward to seeing glimpses of your new home sometime!  Be happy there - Vic & Chris
HAHA!! Andy you'll forgive me if I spend a moment imaging you and Elena living inside a PO Box. Very cozy. I like this idea, much quicker than searching around for address'. Here's mine...in a house...

46 Cavendish St
NSW 2048

I will be moving back to the US in a while but I'll post the new address here when the time comes.

You're not the first to think that the idea of me and Elena living in a postbox is a little unusual...
I couldn't resist posting the pimped photo that was inside this envelope. It really tickled me



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