rubber stamp project

Not long now and then it will be Christmas! :=)

I give YOU* an individual rubber stamp with your name made of foam rubber with a LED laser. The stamp has the dimensions 95mm x 60mm.

I will only send you the finished moss rubber stamp by Mail Art. You have to make your own wooden printing plate.

You also need a stamp box with an ink pad that is 100 mm long and 65 mm wide.

My wish is that a lot of Mail Art in 2023 will be sent with this special stamps.

It's enough, if you add your comment to this post with "I'm participating!"

I am also happy about your ideas and suggestions. Make sure I have your address to send you the gift before 12/24/2022.

* I am offering a total of 11 gifts! So be quick! Deadline for your request is 30.10.2022.

If would be a great if someone helps out in the documentation of the progress in 2023, for example by using what3words or openstreetmap where our cows are going… or setting up an archiv.

Best to you,


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Claire Humphrys 81 /180 Mills Street Albert Park 3206 Victoria Australia

hello claire,

great. i will start soon, Is CLAIRE HUMPHRYS ok?



Your card is on its way, please let us know here, when it arrives.



Such a great idea, and generous gift!

I’d like to be in :-)

Great to join Hannah Höch on a mail art cow :-) 

(By the way, your cow wrote Hösch instead of Höch on her body, or is the extra ‘s’ intentionally?)

My name:


de Vaan 

(‘de’ in small letters)

My address is on my profile page.

Thank you so much!

Hello Heleen,

thanks for joining the project. tomorrow i will create your stamp. and i will let you know here when its ready and on its way.

i have still to figure out a good compromise between LETTER SIZE and SPACE because of material and technology. This laser can not burn the foam material very quick. therefore it is not very much focused. i will do my best.

see you in mail art!


¡Thank you very much!

I’m so looking forward to my cow stamp. I even have cow earrings Claire Humphrys 

Its already on its way... don´t know how long it will take from europe to australia. inside you will find a humorous award. it was a lot of fun building your present and taking it on the journey. thanks for that!



Here are my beautiful earrings


I’m so happy to be part of this project. It’s so inclusive and so fabulous. Cheers

It's fantastic! I'm participating!

Thank you very much for the gift. I'll do my best to register it on w3w! Love it.

Marcia Rosenberger

Caixa Postal 36

Santo André-SP / Brasil


hello Marcia,

wauh. great. thats nice. the dada cow entering latin america!

will post soon about the progress.





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