Ruud is IUOMA's Founding Father;

He told me that the first mention of IUOMA was on 16 August 1988.

For IUOMA's 25th Birthday I propose, that we all send a piece of Mail Art to Ruud

Send some Mail Art -- anything goes, but something birthday-themed would be very appropriate to our Founding Father:

Ruud Janssen,


PO Box 1055,

NL- 4801 BB Breda,

The Netherlands

To arrive on or around 16 August 2013



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I like this project. I hope I'll remember it when the time comes.

I'll post a reminder about a month before, taidgh

Don't be too exact, Erni, just do it!

Cheers Val!

Cool. Does anyone know how long it takes mail to go from California to Breda?

Travel times to Breda for Mail:

Inside Netherlands : 1 day

Inside Europe : 2-5 days (depends on the zones)

From USA : 3-5 days (depends of the mood of local postal workers and the days the mail 'rests')

From Asia / Australia : 7 days (but sometyimes it gets here much faster by airmail, and sometimes it seems they slow it down)

So it will be a guess. Would be interesting to see how many actually arrivés on that specific day. I will keep track and make a chart,,,,,,

Vou criar e enviar um ArtMail para Ruud Janssen, para marcar o aniversário.

Saudações criativas


Hey Val- great Idea. You can count me in- I am very new to Iuoma- but very seasoned as a mail artist  and I am supper psyched to be a member of this fabulous group- wish I could meet Rudd! I'll be glad to send some mail art his way for the 25th anniversary- please remind as the date gets closer!!


Yes, definitely! Mail Art to Ruud on, by, near to August 16, 2013!!!

Will do...and more than one is allowed :-)

Expecting to see Ruud report that he receives 2600+ (maybe 3000) mail art pieces!!!

Let's do it, good people!

Will most definitely be participating. Great idea, Val! :)

Will do! Thank you, Val!

It would be a great surprise for Ruud-about 2500 mail art projects...I' ll send him, of course !!!!!!!

Love this!  Working on a piece right now :)



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