Not so much the hair as it is those clowns that is disturbing.

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Very strange. These look like they COULD be from the mind of Gacy.. Doll fetish erotica?

I was joking about Gacy, although he fits in well with MOBMA. But seriously, Jim. Those are disturbed.

WTF!?? No, I feel ill, I really do. Are they entries for this month's bad hair thing? Urgh, I just..ewwww... what's with the one nippled lady and the looking up the skirt of a clown wielding young lassie? I don't think I'll make a very good judge, I haven't even felt this ill in any show in a gallery!! It's against my rationale to be sickened by art!

Help me DK! 

Vizma, weren't you in NYC recently? You shouldn't be surprised. That would be considered the work of a mildly maladjusted 12-year-old.

Yes, I was, for a week, but it didn't prepare me for this. Maybe there were no New Yorkers there, being high season. The clowns must've been in Florida.

Viz--you will be the perfect judge for this. Just try to emotionally detach from the horror of it like doctor's do.  We must accept ALL bad art equally without judgement--from the silly to the demented. Besides, the poor women in these pics have probably gone missing and these have the 'painter's' DNA on them.

Viz, take DK's advice: "Just emotionally detach yourself from the horror the way doctors do." Gacy and Dahmer gave the same advice. (leave it to Diane)

DVS--I think I heard Dahmer quoted as saying, "Just a spoonful of ear lobe makes the medicine go down."

Holy cow and the Caves Jim! Its Creepy-Clown Porn! looks like that famous clown from Ringling Bro's, -I forgot his name ,Emit??? Gacy wasn't as smooth as this artist.....

  1. Strange thing is...these were for sale at Fishes Eddy - a very main stream store on Broadway...

Emotionally detach myself from the horror, ok. I'll try. OMG, don't look now but there's a scary clown woman having a birthday today.

Here is some mood music to enhance your viewing of Jim's finds:




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