An esteemed panel of judge and art critic, have decided that a bad art competition would be in order.  Please send me, via snail or email, your intentionally created bad art, mail or otherwise. (My email address is: Along the lines of the radiant Svenja Wahl and her creature of the month concept, a monthly winner will be chosen at the end of every month.  All entries will be posted in this thread. It may take a couple months to get enough entries and if only one person enters, then they have an excellent chance of winning. If there is only one entry every month, then they will win every single month.If no one enters, a non-group member might be chosen. This could potentially cause an IOUMA civil war. The winner gets the title and takes home nothing but pride in a job badly done.  The person who has been appointed to oversee and judge this competition is Valentine Mark Herman. This will be the fulfillment of a dream for him, as he, like me, once desired to create a collection of the worst art he could find. This idea was ruthlessly shot down by his copine, not to be confused with a wife, so his dreams, along with other men's dreams of playing  hockey, gave way to the desire for a happy wife thus a happy life. Your fate is in Valentine Mark's French hands. Please enter. Liberate yourself from the constraints of good taste and aesthetics. Make it tacky. Make it trite. Make it hackneyed. Make it cliche. But just make it. Please  mark the piece "BAD" somewhere on the art. Valentine Mark will announce the first winner on November 1st! Valentine Mark will also provide in-depth commentary, analysis, and critique of the artwork. Good Luck!

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A great leap forward in the history of Art! Thank You Diane and Valentine!!!

Cool competition! What date of the month is the deadline? In which timezone?

Hey Suus! The first winner will be announced on Nov. 1st so as long as I have it by Oct. 30 I will get it posted and entered:, but since it will be ongoing it will be considered for the next month if it arrives after that. You can email it to me by Oct. 30 too

timezone...hmmm. any I think:)

Thanks Diane, so whenever I send something, it will be in the competition! Of course participating is muuuuuuch more important than winning and bananas have green wheels and red scarfs ;))

Suus, only if you label it BAD somewhere will it be considered. Anything else I get from you will be your usual  first rate and as far from bad as the bananas with wheels

December entries:  Awful Tower at Night by Val

Alicia Starr's scratch n sniff shoe soul

Val's mismatched sock installation

Is it bad art? by Taidgh

Le Pigeoulet by Rebecca Guyer

Attack of the Killer Yarn Flowers by Arac

Very impressive so super bad its super good!

I am torn between Aracs Killer Yarn Flowers and Alicias Scratch n Sniff Shoe Soul. Too bad.

It's a tough call, but I'm going with Arac's flowers. Good luck to all.




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