I want to start back and forth mail art exchanging! Who wants to do this with me? You can send me mail and of course I will return the favors!
Melissa Leigh Hanlon
3363 Oilfield Rd.
Goliad, Tx 77963
Hope to see some fun mail soon!! ;)

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Melissa--I will put something in the mail to you on Monday!

Hi Melissa ~ I'll make something tomorrow and put it in the mail on Monday. :)

I'd love to!  It'll be my first one, I'll try to make something tonight! :)

Melissa, I will

I'd like to exchange some mail art. I'm brand new here and a new mail artist, if you're willing to exchange with a "newbie."

Hi twizzle, if you'd like to trade with me (address on my page) let me know
Hi Melissa! I'll send you something too!! :D

hello melissa 

I have posted a card to you 4 oct. 2015 - haven´t you recived it? honestly i was looking forward to exchange MA with you .-(

happy easter

from helle

Hi Melissa,,

 tomorrow some Mail Art from Berlin is on the way to you......

Hey Melissa, I'll send you some! Bonniediva


i will be happy to exchange Any Art Works in size 10x15 cm with any one interested. No jury No Price NO Fee Just a good and fare exchange of art.

My address 

Morire Marcuse 


Menconi Tiziano Via Venezia 2 Carrara 54033 Italy

Howdy Melissa, I'll send something this week.  

Heide Monster



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