I typically think of an envelope being made of paper, but what about other materials that could be used to create an envelope? Have you ever made or received an envelope made from something other than paper? If you have lets see them. The one I show here I made for a friend a few years back and it's metal, very thin gauge, I embossed and then distressed with alcohol inks.

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Hubba, hubba! Neato, 'TB'!

I've sent a few 2-liter pop bottles decorated and addressed and 'plumped' by cooling in the freezer before sealing.

Y'r [new] ol' Bud, Fike

LOL.... Ficus you made me blush!
If you have any photos of those 2-liter bottle envelopes you have to share! Very creative....

Hi Thomas,
I was not very active for a few years but your question about materials for an envelope other than paper made me react.
I made several of linen, and/or embroidered textile.
Pls visite my website. www.needlesatwork.com
If you want, we could exchange a non paper enveloppe.

Regards, Margreet

Wow....You do some beautiful work with needle and thread! I didn't see any of the envelopes but I can imagine what they looked like. I thought there might be some folks working with fabric for an envelope. 

I'm tempted on your invite to exchange. 

Wow. I love your for sale vintage fabrics. I did not see any envelopes either. 

I knit some envelopes, although the addresses I started to see too large, so an extra envelope was needed.

See these photos.

Hey Heleen - that's pretty neat. Thank you for sharing!

I received a very fine envelope made (with needle and thread) of transparant curtain fibre from Canada.

Very special and fragile ;-) 

I don't have them anymore but I have received one made of Tyvek and then another of melted plastic shopping bags that was painted.  It created some interesting textures but wasn't water tight.

I use the plastic that comes with paper goods as envelopes.  If one has a postcard with protrusions, it works well for protection, and one can still use a postcard stamp!



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