Once in a while, I receive Add and Pass items and don't know who is into receiving them after me who will send them on...

Please list here if you are into Add and Pass currently!

Thanks. :D


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I love add n pass, Carla

I love add & pass too. Please send me some. Thank you.

Every now and then I am receiving an Add and Pass, too, and will keep all of you in mind to forward to, too. And of course am into a+p, too, although I am a real snail mailer: slow in adding and passing...

i will definitely add and pass! Looking forward to it!

How does add and pass work?   Does the piece go back to who originally started it?  How many people add?  Is there a theme? 

It works like this: Someone sends you an add & pass work. You add your art to that work. Then you can send it back to the person who sent you, or you can pass it to someone else so the work gets even more diverse. There is no limit of people who can add their part to an add & pass.

Sometimes there are specific instructions for the add & pass. But generally it's free of themes, rules or aesthetics.

Just make sure you have fun playing this sort of game. :D

Hopefully, the piece gets back to the originator. So far, I've gotten two of mine back, which is amazing. mostly they keep going around. If I think a piece is FINISHED, I'll send it back IF I can find the originator. Usually no theme, and they get crazier and crazier as time goes on, IMHO. I don't like them much, but I do them, as a way to get out of my comfort zone. I taught design and color theory for years, so these jumbled pieces get me a bit nuts. But as I said, out of my comfort zone. Hope you'll join us in this. Oh, and someone said they're like grafitti, which helped me in how I approach them. 

passed this on.....

hi, I wonder the same questions. I usually just go to one of the add & pass groups to find a new address. :o)  A list of willing recipients would be much easier. Count me in!

Yes, me also.   I love add and pass so my name in list please and send me mail    thank you

I will!

I'm OK with add and paste....... and I make them a priority for a quick turnaround



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