Music is inspiring. It always was. Most of the time, I put music playing in the background to write poetry or to create other forms of art.
So, my curiosity leads me to ask you: Do you use music to stimulate your creations?

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I realy like antena 2 as well. It might be the only portuguese radio station that I enjoy. The rest is so commercial and weak...
I like to have instrumental music on when I'm working; be that writing or artwork. I find vocal music too distracting for creativity. I usually put some Necks, Toshimaru Nakamura or something similar, just to have some background noise. It helps me to keep working.
You're so right! :D
I'm going to try and keep track of which pieces are made listening to which music and post here.  We'll see if I can stay focused on this plan for more than a few minutes!  ;)

Yes sure I do.

Most of the time I forget to turn on music. And other times I cannot put on music because the cd-player/computer have been hijacked by the other people in this house (or they put on the tv too loud to enjoy music meanwhile).

But sure music is stimulating, inspiring. 
I'm most in my element when I'm creating mail art while listening to music*).
And utmost in my element when playing a music instrument myself, but it's hard to create mail art at the same time, then.

Thanks for reminding me - next time I'll be the first to capture the audio equipment in this house, to enjoy listening music while creating mail art.

*) By the way, during the few concerts I attended I do.
To keep the connection with 'mail art': these sketches have been made on envelopes as there was no other white paper around :-) 


A 'user's manual' on how to play the Berimbau:

Tribute to composer Simeon ten Holt (whose 'Incantatie IV' for four grand piano's I like most - but his 'Canto Ostinato' you might know better)


And one of the singing birds, sent as mail art into the world:

I'm looking forward to seeing creations about 'music' by all of  you!

I generally prefer silence except for the sounds of nature when I am outside. Mostly because I am surrounded by a cacophony of loud music and voices all day at work and from the TV when the kids are home. The only exception to this is when I seriously work on my Chinese Brush painting, I like to play my Taoist music or Chinese folk music CDs.

Yes, but no. That is, there's nearly always music (or noise) playing in my studio throughout the day. Even when I'm not working on anything it's there filtering out of the room into the rest of the house. I keep the radio on if I'm not listening to something I'm into at the moment (or in the mood for), which ranges from new age to metal... baroque, classical, jazz, fado, punk, raga, kirtan, noise, drone, electronic, new wave &c... I know that it weaves its way into my work, but I don't feel I use it to stimulate my creativity, it's just a big part of my life in general. 


I like to illustrate song lyrics but also to make song art for the songs I do on my own as well as the ones I do in collaboration with others.  I have collected a bunch of them in a group at flickr if anyone is interested in having a look at them.  They almost all have subsequent links to the songs themselves for those who would like to hear them also.

CJP/ Carla Cryptic Music Albums at Flickr

I listen to a lot of things. I'm very eclectic. Lately I've been into Dark Ambient/Ritual Music, free improvisation and experimental. It's like listening to an abstract work of art.



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