I've puzzled over the empty "Badge" on the right side of the pages here for some time.  I played with the idea you "earn" a badge somehow a- a-scouts.  But I suspect it is something else; but what??  An abbreviation for Badgers?  Creams forgotten song? Thanks so much for any enlightenment (or even scorn) you offer.

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You mean, your Badge is empty????

Man, yeah.  I'll lose my job for sure, no badge.

All right!   I allowed adobe flash and voila!  thanks for the info.  I still like the idea of self created badges tho'

dear monster,

yes i agree, what is this badge thing? more cyberworld terminology? earning badges at iuoma is a great idea, yes we should do it, good to hear from a fellow "cream " fan, i always play their music. i just noticed a "get badge" thing so i will look into it. i have no scorn for you but i find many questionable things about the iuoma site layout,take it to the top, another discussion is "ask anything" where ruud has all the answers,  regards cb.

A lot of browsers now block Flash and you can no longer embed Flash on a Wordpress site so I'm not sure how useful it is.  Better to use a jpeg with a link to the group here. 

Hey!  I'm so glad that worked for you. Part of how I earn my living is in designing and maintaining websites.

I was sort of kidding about the Badge box being empty. I too had the Flash Player message. But getting a blank box would be something akin to thinking I'm the only one who hasn't realized there are official membership cards to this amazing organization that I've participated in with such joy for something like 4 or 5 years now. I'd like to have one of these cards to flash next time I get stopped for a speeding ticket......

It is fun to see on the Badge box that IUOMA has 4.926 members, though methinks many of those are no longer paticipating.

Never wanting to be a member of any group that wants me for a member it's hard to think of a slogan. 

We don't want you.  You're a member anyway.  Nothing you can do about it.  You're stuck. 

I like it. 

I'm a newbie, I know.  Of course that gives me a pass when I make a mistake.  I think my badge should say "I have the most colored pencils, and some are older than your children."

Last night I had a creative brainfever and made a couple of badges.  

... and...??

I sent you one. The colors are a bit twee, might do some others.




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