If you are, what are your favorite pens and inks?

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I love hero fountain pen...when i wos doing my school it wos very famous in india

Present favourite is the Twsbi Eco, and Diamine inks

My absolute favorite so far is Pilot Namiki Falcon. I’m contemplating to get another one...

Twsbi Eco is another that I like. Also like Diamine inks, current fave is shimmering sea, majestic blue and dragon red, as well as pilot Iroshizuku series.

Noodlers makes a really good black "bat black Texas" and some great bulletproof inks.  I also like Diamine's irridescecent. I end up using a couple of inexpensive Jinhaos most of the time. 

✨ So colorful! ✨

Parker IM with nib M
Best I ever had, mid-price level.

LOVE my Lamy Safari! ❤️ And Rhodia graph paper and Black n Red notebooks with it. Now, I'm drawing with ithe Lamy and doing my Asemic art. Bought Platinum Carbon Black ink, which is quite lightfast.

I've only  tried one other fountain own, but I love the matte finish and how it feels. 

Nice collection Heide! I used several Noodler’s inks, they are nice. However I didn’t have much luck with their pens... Ahab to name, maybe I am too novice. (Couldn’t get it writing more than one word without shaking the pen) Curious about Parker IM, Norbert. I would like to see the drawing, Susan. I have tried to draw with my pens, too. Interesting to know what other people like.

Drawn with Iroshizuku Konpeki ink in Pilot Falcon EF nib

Just now saw this topic when digging deep on this site in the pursuit of killing time at work (nothing to do here). 

My first antique anything was a fountain pen I bought when I was 10 years old at an estate sale.  It was a brown mother-of-pearl lever filler.  Since then I've bought fountain pens here in the US and abroad.  I'm a member of the Fountain Pen Network among other online groups.

I generally prefer finer nibs because I write smaller than the broad nibs dictate, but think both firm (Sheaffer ladies purse pen) and flexible nibs (larger Pelikans) have their own uses.  Paper really comes into play once you're using a fountain pen.  I bought some Smythson paper (stationer to the Queen) whilst in London in the 90s.

I used to get the Levenger catalogs and bought items on sale, but the prevalence of eBay and other auctions makes for some real bargains.  

(Don't forget the old dip pens.  The variety of nibs is amazing as you can buy very old nibs, new-in-box, for not much compared to other art supply products.  I've even used a new glass dip pen with sparkly ink.)

My favorite type of fountain pen to use is a plunger filler as they have both great capacity and ease of reinking.  Unlike some here, I have not tried to do much drawing with fountain pens, but have seen some amazing things so I know it's possible.

It's great to know that there are enough enthusiasts to warrant annual Fountain Pen Shows in several countries.  Let's hope this tradition continues.

Bradford, nice to hear your thoughts on fountain pens! 
Yes plunger definitely makes it easy. I also like large ink capacity so for some pens like Noodlers or TWSBI I take nibs out and put ink with syringe as much as I can. 
I have seen FP network around, maybe I should look into. I never used dip pens but now I am curious. I do like sparkly inks, too :)



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