Hey All.
I used to use rubber cement for gluing paper together but a book and writings archivist said that it is the worst over time because both pieces become slightly transparent (as if soaked in oil) and separate anyway. When I am on the go I bring a glue stick with me but lately it has been failing me also. Someone suggested matte medium but I find when I am gluing a large surface, it wants to wrinkle. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, lady

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Low cost from the supermarket.
Tacky Glue and Weldbond
I hate glue - especially when bookbinding. I avoid it whenever possible, and try to find ways of sewing things together. It`s more labour intensive, but it works.
Katie, you are in the USA...
there is Elmer's Glue! How I miss it!
'Got a bottle of it sent to me here in Greece,
and I use it carefully, treasure every drop!
I use alsothe acrylic matt medium sometimes,
but, yes, it ripples....good luck!
Elmers craft bond glue stick is nice PJ because it goes on blue for a few seconds so you can see where you're glueing. Holds very well too.
thanks guys.
Low-cost from the supermarket may not remain my favorite.

I use glue sticks, not the cheap dollar store ones though.

I use sandpaper very lightly to give a little tooth, BOTH on the receiving paper, and the paper being glued to it. Make sure the corners and edges have glue on them.

Then put a piece of waxed paper on top, and use a bone folder to burnish it really well. My attachments never come off!
 I like the UHU brand of stick glue when I can find it.  Seems to work very well.  If I'm out I like to use matte or gel medium as a glue. 

The best glue at least for paper and carton is PVA glue!


any volume available. can be mixed with water. easily washed off hands and brushes. i dont know about overseas - but it isnt costly in russia.



I use archival PVA bookbinders glue for heavy duty items that won't wrinkle.  Most of the time, I use Premium BEST-TEST White Rubber Paper Cement.  It's acid-free and does not wrinkle or curl stamps, et al.  This glue is very thin when dry and not like cheaper office supply rubber cement you might find.  Only good art stores carry it.


In some cases, I do use glue sticks, don't feel that they will hold up over the years.

I use Golden's soft gel medium in my collage artworks and now in mail art.  It's the best I've found archivally and every other way.  You do need to use a cheap brush, so it can get slightly messy, but hey, what is art without mess.  The soft gel medium works well for adhering many (most) types of paper, but if you want to glue something quite heavy, such as thick cardboard, then Golden's heavy gel medium or extra heavy gel medium does it.  Matte medium is good only for very very thin, lightweight papers, I've found, and fails as an adhesive often even when you think it shouldn't.



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