I'm just a bit curious - what do you do with the mail art you receive? How do you store and/or display it? I'm interested in how you exercise your creative minds in this sense :D

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This is timely!

Last night I took a big box of received Mail Art to my storage room, and added it to another big box. I must have well over 1500 pieces of Mail Art -- I've never thrown any of the items I have received away -- and the two boxes must weigh about 20 kilos/45 pounds.

Currently, I send/receive about 12-15 pieces/week, and there's just too much to display in the very limited space I have available.

I would love to catalogue it all properly*, but now it would take too much effort, that, I feel, could be better spent on the creation of yet more Mail Art. And, if I were to catalogue it properly, well, I would wonder what is the point of the exercise?

So it will all remain (sadly) uncatalogued, unlisted, unsorted, un-anythinged.

But I do look at the boxes from time to time, especially when I want to retrieve an item, which is usally a major task, as it is, inevitably, right at the bottom of the box.


*If anyone would like to catalogue it for me, they are more than welcome to do so.

wow! that's a Lotta mail art! I am impressed. I think your storage system sounds fine.

Okay, thank you! Like I said, I was curious to see what some of you did; I like the idea of hanging some, and keeping them secure so none of them accidentally get tossed.

wow such a massive collection. I have some pieces of mailart and documentations. Sadly I have no to put them. Normally I keep them that if they will fit in scrapbook, album, visual diary type of book. A habit developed from Foundation art and design. If I see something nice I stick in blank book until it get filled and buy a new and start again. Generally I don't like throwing anything away.

I really, really like the blank book idea. I'll have to keep that one in mind...

awesome! I like the pix of our displays.

I have had a few extraordinary pieces framed (not that I don't love every piece I get...I do love them all...y'all know what I mean though...).  Others I have in a rotating display (IKEA has some nice systems that allow you to simply clip and unclip postcards & photos).  When they're not on display - I keep them in binders, in acid free plastic sleeves, so I can at least leaf through...

I even have a few pieces displayed at my desk at work...



However, I DO NOT keep them in a small New England Village -just in case Godzilla attacks.

More fantastic ideas. I like the idea of keeping them in a book, but I wouldn't want to glue them down, because I've received some two sided ones. I'm currently living in a dorm, so new furniture is pretty much a no-go, because or rooms are already so cramped.

And Godzilla made me chuckle.

Oh dear, Jim! We will forgive you --one day -- for buying Ikea stuff. And there was I thinking that yoiu were a man of wealth and taste (as the Glimmer Twins once put it).

Sorry..i shop at IKEA cause i'm in need of some restraint...so have some sympathy...-Jim.

I try & save all the  mail art I receive.. I document my mail art that I send out using a digital archive system( computer). With some of my correspondence, I create displays in my studio. I keep my FeMail archive of collage post cards in a special file and look for venues to exhibit it. My first official mail art collaboration which is 100 post cards called the Curious Tourist Project- is stored in these great repurposed French Biscuit Tins ( between exhibitions)!I am sorry to say some mail art is just floating around my studio amidst the piles of collage fodder there! LOL.

Catchy question. I've not been doing this mailart thing long, but in-coming post sometimes gets to be part of a tiny, mini gallery above my desk, and I add a photo of that to my iuoma page. Lots get propped up around the place so I can admire and enjoy them. Then I have some little boxes and empty biscuit tins to store some too. It's sort of an evolving system that is not really a system :>)




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