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How did that guy even got so rich? Looks like he has no clue of economics... (and all other things, too, so). Gosh... 


Monday, April 27th,

please send a snail mail letter or postcard to your SENATORS

asking that they vote to fund the United States Postal Service.

already got mine ready to go out first thing monday to minnesota senators klobuchar & smith! even themed the stamps... a post office mural and minnesota's state flower, Cypripedium reginae (showy lady's slipper)

love love love! y'all are inspiring me! i wrote two-page letters (on short stationery) with reasons the USPS is important, but now i really think i should do some fun ones too

You're awesome.

so are you! here are the quickie postcards that will go out tomorrow in addition to what i already sent. the front image is a super old collage of mine that i had made into cards awhile back. they are reasonably all-purpose, haha. the governor of minnesota is getting one too, but about something else!

.・:*:・゚’✫ Applause ✫’゚・:*:・˙

"The Postal Service’s Board of Governors confirmed late Wednesday that Louis DeJoy, a North Carolina businessman who is currently in charge of fundraising for the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, will serve as the new postmaster general." --

Also, four of the six USPS Board of Governors are Trump appointees.


another link:

My postcards will be going out Monday.  I'm sending a set from myself and a set from by bookselling business.

So impressed with these! Love seeing Zippy, too. ❥❥❥

Thank you!



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