To all who post their outgoing mail art, specifically addressed envelopes, i invite u 2 be mindful & consider waiting 2 post ur pics until its received buy the recipient. iv’e seen a few pieces 4 me this past week alone & honestly, it really bummed me out. the element of surprise is part what excites us in receiving mail art, is it not?   

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Guilty as charged.

I will try to remember not to in future . . .

haha! thx MA, but urs was NOT 1 of them! (phew!)... I'm thinking i should just stay off the site, that may b the best solution....

I know I haven't put yours up yet (it is still drying out) but I have put up others and the same might be true for them.  It's the enthusiasm of creation I'm afraid; that and a boastful ego!

ha! i totally get that (the enthusiasm, not the ego part)..i actually had someone ask me if i had received theirs b4 they put it on their blog. how very thoughtful. btw, u can ignore my written plea 4 wanting 1 ur wonderful collaged envelopes! & u can even send it 2 me empty, i won't mind @ all.

It will be both full AND empty . . . !

I'm with you.  The joy of finding unseen mail in the box is the biggest rush of all!  Let me be surprised, I promise to post (soon).

its a total rush! when my caretaker brings the mail in2 my room its the biggest thrill of my existence! if ppl would just w8 2 weeks 4 in country & about a month 4 international mail b4 they post, that would b ideal. but ppl seem post crazy; perhaps its just me, having lived under a rock 4 the past decade. i'v never even owned a smart phone. i think its just a mindfulness thing, perhaps ppl get  so busy & don't have the awareness 2 stop @ think  that they might b taking the air right out of the mail art surprise tire.

Getting ready to blog about the incoming mail from you, dear Sam, when I came across this discussion. I totally agree with your sentiments about waiting to share outgoing mail. I like to be surprised too.

You have left this planet over two months ago. I am so glad that I had gotten to know you, even for a short time. It seems that mail art brought you much pleasure despite the fact that you were bedridden.

Sam, your bright spirit and sense of humor made (and still makes) me smile. Even in the thread of this discussion your humor was evident. I especially like your comment from July 2, 2019. You said "i think its just a mindfulness thing, perhaps ppl get so busy & don't have the awareness 2 stop @ think that they might b taking the air right out of the mail art surprise tire."  I love that!

Anyway...thanks for the mail, and see you on the other side. God Bless You!

Fair point. After thinking about it, I stopped posting mail I send out to people who use this website.




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