Organization of the 4rth International & Regional Exhibition in Greece 2-22 of May 2012

Organization of the 4rth International & Regional Exhibition in Greece 2-22 of May 2012
By the painter Afroditi Karamanli

With intention of establishing a ‘ Gallery of Colors’

On the occasion of the idea to set up an international day of Color on the 2nd of Mai by the graphic designer Andrea Foudoulidi (in our current grey times)
We started a collection of artwork since 2011 and continue this year towards the exhibition on
2nd of May 2012
The first exhibition will be set up in the old Printing building (Tipografio) in Xiladika Thessaloniki, adjacent to the Railway Station: posting of artwork (not registered) 1 Aliakmonos str. (54647)Thessaloniki-Greece, in attention of : Andrea Foudoulidi

• Submission of artwork until 12th of April 2012 with a brief biography of the artist, typed with all the contact information, E-mail and telephone numbers
• Dimensions of originals , not photographs: A4 (24 x 21cm) or A5 (10 x 15cm), written on the back: full name, address , postcode, telephone numbers- home number, cell phone number, E-mail, title, materiality, year (artwork will not be returned)
• Please forward to other Artists friends
• Εntry fees (10 Euro) covering the expenses of the exhibition

Wednesday 2 of May 2012 – Opening
10p.m. – 5p.m. Coloring the façade of the exhibition space with perforated decorations and spray, with repeated motifs to create a 3-floor mosaic
Thursday 3rd of May 2012
10p.m. – 5p.m. Create with local residents, using recycling materials, a sculpture for Thessaloniki
Friday 4rth of May 2012
Music, Theater performances and Recitations of Literary Texts from 4 in the evening until 4 in the morning with the traditional bun of Thessaloniki

The exhibition will be transported shortly afterwards in the island of Skopelos with the initiative of the luxurious ‘Anna’s Restaurant’37003 Skopelos : 0030-6977686156 (in August) &
in Patras in September under the supervision of Anastasia Kapiniari, artist – textile weaver: , 0030-6936185282, Athens and Abroad

Confirmed participation:
• ‘Horizons of Events’ ( In charge: Tzimis Euthimiou, artist: 0030-6976689670

• Artists of ART BANK with painted paper notes with the title ‘The Color of Money’
• (attached manifesto)
In charge: Litsa Mousouli, artist: ,0030-6975745264

• Record of 200 artworks from Mail Art artists coming from all continents
• Artists of the Fine Arts Chamber of Greece,School of Fine Arts, Thessaloniki and Athens
• Art Associations and Organizations
Exhibition dates: 2-22 of May 2012
Curator Tanya Saroglou
Opening hours of exhibition space on the first floor, daily: 10p.m. -5p.m.
More Information: Afroditi Karamanli,
Telephone numbers: 2310-844701,6932564047,
0030-6944381864 – only from abroad

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This has a deadline by April 12, 2012...I hope to send you something soon!

Best of success with your exhibition!

Hello Afroditi,

Thank you for making the blog for your Colors Gallery.

There are already art works arriving and they look excellent.

Striking art from Guido and PrettyLily and Emelda and Eytihia.

I shall be sending someting soon, too.

All the best!


I am glad to see that my watercolors paintings are now posted at the Gallery of colors!

And that you have some nice art for the mail art archives section of the Gallery of colors!

Good work, Afroditi, and may you receive many art works by April 12, 2012!


It was good to see the exhibit being set up for May 2, opening!

A great spacious area! Very nice! Happy to see that "Universe" arrived, too.

Best of success, Afroditi!

Today, May2, 2012, is the opening of the Gallery of colors...see you there!

Anyone wishing to send something "colorful", we display it on the laptop,

send your art and artistic activity to:

Congratulations, afroditi, a great "Gallery of Colors"!

There is a blog here at IUOMA, too, with more photos:

'GALLERY of COLORS in Thessaloniki, Greece ...opening reception, tod...'

"Congratulations. Looks good."

Katerina and Afroditi at the "Gallery of Colors" , May 2, 2012 opening! And many friends, too...

Thank you, Afroditi, for posting the photos from the "Gallery of Colors" traveling exhibit on the Island of Chios during the last days of  July. It was a beautiful exhibit and a fitting memorial for the loss of dear Maria Passali in the tragic bus accident on Chios. 

Thank you, Afroditi, for posting the great pics from the Gallery of Colors exhibit that is on the Island of Skopelos!, and was on the Island of Chios in July, and also represented in Val's exhibit in Sigean. Several mail artists from IUOMA are in this traveling exhibit as part of the mail art archive that is exhibited. thank you so much. xxx K.

Meeting with Afroditi at her retrospect art exhibit in Thessaloniki.

And mentioning that she is planing the Gallery of Colors

with the mail art archives to be exhibited in November in Athens.

Gallery of Colors with the Mail Art Archives will be in Athens, Nov, 18-25....see you there!

Anyone in Athens? We have the Gallery of Colors opening exhibit,

with the Mail At Archives, tonight at 7 p.m.

Kallitexniko Kafeneio , Politistiko Kentro ILION....see you there?




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