In the last couple of days I've come across a few people in IUOMA who are cat lovers and feature their mogs in their work -- Cheryl Penn (& her Chinchilla, of course), Maria F, Lindsay Stewart are all cat people whom I have corresponded with, and I'm sure there are many others who might be reading this.


So here's a suggestion.....let's see if we can get enough people interested to form a Cat Group. (It will need a better name -- suggestions most welcome.) Works of art from members of this Group would have to feature cats or cat-related things.


My cats -- Bianca and Trouble -- think this is an excellent idea -- and I hope that you do too.


Let me know if you're interested in setting this up?






I attach -- I think, I hope -- an envelope I prepared 'For the Love of Cats' project

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Hi Bifidus! Bisons and Norwegian Forest Cats what a combination! Yes, please, we do want to exchange Mail Art with The Ice Man. We now seem to have 4 Cat mail Artists, and I'm not sure how many Cats -- about 8, I think. I'll let you know when we set up the Cat Group so that The Ice Man can tune into it. Regards, Val
OK, Sam Dustball will never forgive me if I don't let him in on this.

Catz rool!

Dear eepy, Dear Sam Dustball. Welcome to you both! We are now abouty 6 Cat People and about 16 cats. More info follows when we launch the Group. Meanwhile, a post card is on its way to you; Regards, Val
Momsie and friend are ready to sen mail art
to all felines friends!

Fantastic photo! I wish I could get my cats to 'pose' like this. (I wish i could get my cats to do anything I wanted them to do.)
Moomsie looks a lot like my friend cat named Vandam =) look at him here

Milford Sound in New Zealand
Momsie and Vandam must be distant cousins! Or...separate twins when one was
taken to Russia and the other to Greece. My, but they look alike!

Maria, all the cats and kittens are from Momsie, and they all live in
the courtyard of our apartment buildings. In the rain and cold (as it is these
past days) they go down the passage way to the basment by the central heating
furnace and stay nice and warm. All the neighbors give them food, they are
not starving...and they are multiplying!

The courtyard is enclosed by a fence, so their doggie enemies cannot
intrude...they are happy kits and cats!

i love them =) i feel so happy knowing they all are in good care of your neighbourhood. I wish the most of Petersburg cats lived life like this.

but i think they really might find their home in families. as far as i see they all are under 6 months old - probably 4-5 months. they are small enough to become real indoor cats. what do you think?

me myself would prefer to stay free and free if i were cat of course and more over if i lived in greece =) it isnt that cold in greece like it is in russia.
Arttower, Momsie's relative get around, even to HeeBee JeeBee Land!
And where oh where is CottonPicker? We have to tell Test Tower about this place :-)
ohoho! how many cats are there? =))) your friend is rich!
Hi Katerina, Will you be the 'named person' of our Cat Group? I need to know soon, please. Maria F is doing the atavar tomorrow, and then we can start the Group. So far I've identified 7 other Cat People plus one Dog Person who wants to be an Honorary Canine Member. Regards, Val
with her CAThymate43 email will be honored.
They call me "Cat", "Cathy", "Katerina" and "Kat"!




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