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Make a billion pixels and charge people 1p to own a pixel.

a picture is worth a billion pixels?

You have to open it an image editing and find out.

It say the size eg 800 x 600 and then multiple =  480000 pixels.

The gif above is 400 x 400 is 160000

In other words a picture is worth in pixels is depends on height and weight in pixels.

so a billion pixels is 32,622.7766 squared.

yeah roughly and would be a large file

A billion pixies could take over the world.

Do pixies need 'To spend a penny'?

A piexie pixelated to that size could be crushed to death by a falling penny.



Of course they would need to eventually and probably discreetly 'spend a penny' behind the tall grass. 

Here's a link to person who started million pixel project

How would it relate to mailart I wonder.

Pixies don't 'spend pennys'.

Instead they spend what used to be part of the pre-Euro German currency, the Deutschmark.. each one of which was  composed of 100 pfennings.

Or 'pee things'.

Now that we're elevated this discussion to this culturally significant peak, we should, perhaps, let Lex get back to His Show

At our show in the Oldenplan Subway station in Stockholm  I found a big plastic bucket of obsolete Swedish coins  of all metal colors shapes and sizes . It was something like 5 gallons of old junk coins.  so I cut a hole in one of my pockets and filled it with coins and went up on the top platform to get attention for the show on the lower levels of the subway and everywhere I walked coins would fall out though my pant legs or I would just throw a hand full on the ground.  Subway police came up to me and told me I was causing a distraction giving away money like that and if I wanted to give it away I should just give it them.  When I ran out of coins, it took a while with so many, I witched to sweeping the subway platform with a big triple size push broom to which I attached a pocket laser.  I went skating around the platform as if I had ice skates on trying to catch up to the red laser dot always 5 inches ahead of the broom.  When the show opened we had two artists dressed in Swedish military uniforms so they looked like police with bubble blowing guns on the platform.  I was so penny unwise and pound foolish.  Fortunately none of the coins were actually gold or silver or I would have thrown away $2,800,000 if they were actually gold.




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