Hello mail-art friends,


I'm a teacher in an academy of arts in Belgium (Antwerp) and I'm planning to make with the kids (between 6 and 8 years) postcards to send through the wide world. It's to introduce them into another world of art, a form that isn't very commun for kids if they think about art.

The plan is that they will draw draw on one side on the half of the postcard their home/house/ place where they are living and that they leave the other half blank to let fill it up by another person out of another country, a mail-artist. Anyway, the mail-artist could create a drawing or collage or whatever onto the drawing of the child...and doing the same as the kid did on his card : drawing your place/house. that way the artist and the child will create a little neighbourhood with their two houses...will bring two cultures together on a card...and most of all : this action is something very new for the kids and they will be very surprised to see the result.


Who wants to participate in this? Just leave me a message if you want so.

I'm searching like 40 artists, one for every child.


The most important thing is that you will do something on the card of the kid and that it will come back to the kid. I promise you enough pic's of all the results and lots of feedback!

Would be pleased to hear you!




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Great to see that some of the children have had their house returned, Kathy. plus with another! The display is good to see. If there are any other children who need to send out, I'll gladly "adopt" another :-)
Hi/hallo Kathy,

You have a great weblog!

Even een berichtje omdat ik me zorgen maak om de post: ik heb tot nu toe nog niets ontvangen, kan dat kloppen, is er nog niets verstuurd naar 't noorden?
Ik hoop 't gauw te ontvangen, want m'n vingers 'jeuken' om mijn idee voor een antwoord te realiseren!

I'm looking forward to return!

Hartelijke groet, warm regards,
ooooh Heleen!!!

Ik wacht elke zaterdag af. Er moeten nog drie kaarten verstuurd worden en die jongens waren ziek of afwezig...en toen ze er waren hadden we het even te druk met onze elanden die we aan het maken zijn. Ik hoop echt deze zaterdag een kaartje in jouw richting te krijgen!
Nog een beetje geduld,...maar dank je alvast voor dat grote ongeduld!

dikke sneeuwzoenen!


Ik ga er van 't weekend mee aan de slag!

Nog weer even gekeken, wat leuk toch, wat jullie allemaal aan kunst doen! Het is en blijft een leuke website - a great website! Mooi, die kinderportretten, en kan me voorstellen dat ze met de elanden ook uren zoet zijn geweest :o)


Groetjes uit een regenachtig NL,



I would love to participate Jeanine Ferguson, 6024 3rd Ave, Kenosha WI 53143 USA

And I have a kid art call of my own.

My son (age 7) is doing a project at school called Flat Stanley. Each child will be sending out a cardboard character named Flat Stanley.

Each person who receives Flat Stanley then sends him back to my son's school with a little story, drawing, stamp or anything mailable that would represent your country and show where Flat Stanley has visited. I will post pictures of Flat Stanley here, after his voyage.

This will be a fun opportunity for my son and his classmates to learn about art and culture of your country.

I truly appreciate anyone's interest in participating. Please e-mail me with your address if you would like to participate jeaninecruzferguson@gmail.com

Dear Jeanine,


my little mail-art project is since more then a month or may'be more closed. I will count you in if I organize it a next time! that for sure!!!

Thank you soo much for the invitation too!

Of course I want to participate in it! Love the idea of Stanley!!!


COUNT ME IN Jeanine!!!

hear you!


thanks so much Kathy!


I just need an address that we can mail Stanley to for you.Glad to hear your project was such a success. the Kids must have been  soooo excited.


Happy Holidays to you and your kids!!









of course Jeanine :)

my address! It's on my profile too but here I give it to you...I can't wait!!!

Kathy De Wit

Klapdorp 48

9170 Sint-Pauwels


Thanks Kathy!. Didn't think to look there : )

oooh Aska...yours is coming or arrived already...will hear it next wednesday ;) THANKS girl!



Thank you to be part of it BUT we are still waiting for cards to come back.

Here are the names from who the kids still didn't received anything before 24th of december 2010. If you posted the card meanwhile then we are very glad you did, if you have to post it still then we will expect the card with open arms!

PLEASE If you find your name...tell me how far you are. Did you receive the card, are you making something of it or did you sended it already. THANK YOU SO MUCH...the kids are waiting


Eepy- CANDA (a card from Arne)
PJ-USA (a card from VIC)
JON-USA (a card from Anthony)

Kata-Poland ( a card from Elina)
Aleksandra-Poland ( a card from Angelina)
Mirta- Argentina ( a card from Ruben)
Yana-Russia ( a card from Emely)
Samantha-USA ( a card from Joey)
Ruud- The Netherlands ( a card from Jasper)
Judy-USA ( a card from Sarah)
Nikki-USA ( a card from Hamed)
Heleen-The Netherlands ( a card from Tjenzo or Nesta)
Muriel Frega-Argentina (a card from Tjenzo or Nesta)

@ Kathy:

Heleen - received a card from Nesta December 15th.

Zoals ik toen schreef, wilde ik er snel mee aan de slag, maar persoonlijke omstandigheden zorgden voor een fikse vertraging (in al mijn mail art plannen, trouwens).

Maar nu:

Bijna klaar / almost ready! The only thing is some extra part which I want to stick to the rest of the work. But I'm still 'puzzling' how I'll do this the best way so it won't get loose...

I hope to send it within a week. So Nesta needs a little more patience, and then he (or she??) will see!...


@ Jeanine: Stanley arrived well last month and sent a postcard to your son directly after his arrival (hope he'll has received it?). He is doing well, already made some photos, and his adventures will be written down soon, too, to be sent back probably next week.




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