Not much activity here.  Not many people doing add & passes.  Is mail art dying out?  

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Mail-Art is still alive and well.

Add & pass isn't that attractive for some since the goal of what people do is too unclear.

Add and pass in my humble opinion should go round and hopefully come back some time in the future... so I can see how/what inspired other mailartists to do what they did... Exiting!
I like that idea...

I do add n passes every few weeks when I get inspired to paint.

I receive/return about 10 pieces of mail art a month.  Although the winter months were more active for me I still receive mail art at least once a week.

I'm always happy to do add & passes, but it's knowing who to send them on to next - not everyone likes them. I have a few add and pass books that I started, but I've never seen again. I wonder if they're in circulation? Do they usually find their way back to the originator?

Good questions.  I’m involved in add & passes with Geronimo Finn in Vienna, and I know that he’s been getting some back.  I have a couple to send back to their originators today.  It’s all a matter of luck snd faith, I guess.

I am always involved in adding and passing on. I have a rule - I always complete the artwork and send it to the initiator without passing it onto third parties.

If I know that someone else is a reliable passer, I will certainly pass it on.  Isn’t that the point?

Hi Margaret, 

I agree, a reliable passer can be sent an incomplete artwork. This summer I'm going to do that.

I do the same,usually. I try to finish it up and mail to the owner, especially if it is a few years old.

Hi Artbylac, 

I'm usually interested in seeing the end result created by my own hands. What will come of it? It's hard to stop until the very end.

You have chosen the most save way to give the innitiator his/her return!

Would you like to try me? You start, I complete and return to you?

Margreet Beemsterboer from The Netherlands :-)



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