Got tips for cheapest ways to send mail art internationally?

Hey, Y'all~

Is anyone out there willing to share your wisdom about sending mail art internationally?  I went to the post office yesterday with 9 pieces to send, and came back home with 2 that I hoped to send to Germany & Brazil.

Combined they would have cost about $50 !! YIKES!

One mistake I made was that they were too "packagey"

instead of "lettery".  I am eager to learn about this!

Please Advise. Blessings, nonimouse

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Replies to This Discussion has a very long and exhausting PDF on international shipping, but here are the cliff notes:

A letter must be less than 3-1/2 oz , must be rectangular and letter sized (from memory so might be off a little bit: not thicker than 1/4", no bigger  than 6 1/8"x 11-1/2" or metric equivalent)  The first oz is $1.15 (except to Canada you get 2 oz for 1.15) each additional oz or portion thereof is about a $1.00.  Some countries are a few cents cheaper, better to over pay than not.  

$1.15 and $1.00 stamps are available on line, easiest to have a few at home.

Good idea to buy a reliable digital scale, not very expensive, can also be used in the kitchen.

best regards!

Thanks much, Ms Monster.

So far everything I'm hearing points to, first, getting a mail least I would be LESS surprised at the P.O.

I sent ya something last week; it should arrive soon!

~ noni

ooh, I love getting mail!

Try to use lightweight materials if you can. I also have a monthly postage budget and try to stay within it. Hope this helps! 

Thanks so much, Bonniediva.

I especially love the idea of the postage budget, because I am prone to indulging in excesses and I get excited about projects & just spend whatever money I have in my pocket.  Then have the "Oops" regret on the way home from the post office/art store!

I will take your suggestions!

Would you like to trade some mail art? If you give me your address I'll send ya something.


Hey! Sure would like to trade. Bonniediva, 1726 Lind Lane, Gurnee, IL 60031 USA

My post office has a card with a rectangle hole in it, if an envelope doesn't pass through, it is deemed a package instead of a letter.  I have also found that things that don't bend have to be hand cancelled are much more expensive.  Not kidding, I crossed out the "NOT" in "DO NOT BEND" I had stamped on a set of large overseas envelopes and that saved me about $150.  Hope that helps!  Best of luck!

Yikes! Us postage costs have really hiked up over the last few years... I have one of those slot things like this

Ooo! Iv'e never seen one of these, what a great idea.  I want one too.  Of course I need one that will make USPS happy.

As a side note, did anyone notice that US letter rates are probably going up the end of January?  I might stock up on forever stamps.

Thanks, Diana and Gü, for your suggestions about the package-slot-thingie.  I had no idea that such a thing existed!  I will try to get one of those, along with a postal scale.

I really appreciate your advice!



A regular postcard or card in envelope costs one international stamp in the U.S.  If you are sending decos or books, you will pay more.  Keep it small.

Thanks, Pam...I have been getting similar suggestions from others, and I'm starting to catch on.

It seems that the basic concepts of mail art are simple, but there are so many subtleties, and so much to learn that i think i'm going to be busy for years! 






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