What Do you think of the poetry of Louise Elisabeth Glück?

(Unfortunately, it is not in the Mail Art.)

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Recently, American Louise Elisabeth Glück was awarded the Nobel prize in literature.

Glück writes poetry.


I have read a  small number of poems by Louise Gluck. I find that they are rich in imagery and take me beyond the here and now into the a world rich in meaning. This one spoke to me today.

“Vespers (End of August)” by Louise Glück

End of August. Heat
like a tent over
John’s garden. And some things
have the nerve to be getting started,
clusters of tomatoes, stands
of late lilies—optimism
of the great stalks—imperial
gold and silver: but why
start anything
so close to the end?
Tomatoes that will never ripen, lilies
winter will kill, that won’t
come back in spring. Or
are you thinking
I spend too much time
looking ahead, like
an old woman wearing
sweaters in summer;
are you saying I can
flourish, having
no hope
of enduring? Blaze of the red cheek, glory
of the open throat, white,
spotted with crimson.


from The Wild Iris
Copyright 1992 by Ecco Press

Thank You, Carmela. How good that there are poets!

I have all of her work and love it! 

Thanks Maxima. 

I like it when poets get the Nobel prize (prose writers get it much more often).

I did not know that! I am very glad she deserves it, she is great. I did some watercolours from her poems ages ago. This is called 'The kind, small flowers', a line form one of her poems.

Louise Gluck is not a Mail Artist but in Mail Art we can discuss and create work around any subject and her poetry is most inspiring so, Ilya, a huge Thank you!  for pointing us to her moving work.




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