I'm not sure what has gone wrong, but I keep getting sent email after email from the platform asking me to approve a friend request.  I approved the friend request days ago but was still getting notifications, and today I finally disabled notifications of friend requests-- and I am still getting notifications.  I've finally turned off all email notifications from IUOMA just to stop the madness, but that wasn't my preference.



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Even with all email notifications disabled, still getting them.  It may be time for the spam filter.

I am too! It just started the other day so I figured that maybe there was a change to the accounts or platform that I'd need to adjust settings for but everything looks as it should be.  It's getting really annoying, it's almost constant.

For 2 weeks my email inbox is full of the same repeated February email updates from IUOMA, 20-30 a day. They feature the same comments from the same groups, day after day. It's driving me crazy, and I've notified Ruud but not heard back yet. I don't want to shut the whole thing down either, but . . .


The NING group changed the template for the platform and issued a beta release for notifications. That probably meant suddenly all members were spammed with notifications.

I turned now this option off, so hopefully this stopped now

Sorry for any problems this caused. Ning caused this, but I also feel a bit responsible

Hope things run smoothly now again.

best wishes

Ruud Janssen

That was quite a shower of emails! I just deleted 240 of them, 

fortunately I have IUOMA ning on a "quiet" old email account so i didn't 

get bombarded daily at my regular email ...amen!

Glad to know the problem is taken care of!

Still hammered with repeated Feb. updates. My eyes are crossing! I appreciate your effort, Ruud, but am turning off all IUOMA emails unless/until the problem is fixed by ning. To all, please use snail-mail to reach me soonest.

Here's just one example of a bunch of different Feb. updates arriving every day (and all day) in my inbox--31 of these yesterday alone, repeated since Feb. 26-- 


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Ning first said that there was no problem. After some communication they took it serious and  solved the problem some weeks ago. Let me know if that is true or not.

best wishes,

Ruud Janssen

moderator IUOMA network




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