My neighbors...I'm not kidding, they are just around the corner at The Living Desert . Viedo & Photos really don't ever capture the beauty uniqueness of this friendly place. This video does not do it justice, there are now more than 1800 acres of sonoran desert housing many species of bird, reptiles, animals you may never see....what's more, this isn't a zoo....unlike any zoo most of the animals birds, butterflies, in an untouched environment with exception to parameters for survailance and containment which are not visibly prevelant. There is a state of the art Medical Hospital & Surgery Center on the property where many procedures are performed including IVF implant and birthing of animals to perpetuate the existance of near extinct wildlife. When touring the hospital, natal care and interactive exibits you may :

Observe medical procedures and examinations taking place in the Animal Treatment Rooms.

• Learn more about what is required to care for The Living Desert's extensive animal collection.

• Investigate the various interactive exhibits that provide fascinating and educational perspectives on the physiology and veterinary care of our many animals.

• Get up close and personal with snake skins, antlers, horns, and other animal material.

If you love nature and animals as much as I do this is a must see if you are ever in my neighborhood...Though I've been many times each visit provides me with new wonders and experiences.

Oh, I almost forgot....thier nursery and horticulture garden ships cactus and many other desert plants throughout the US.

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Comment by Deanna Fountain on November 2, 2011 at 1:56am

Ahhhh so Sue is an animal/nature lover like me. The living desert communityis a unique place. The city of Palm Desert receives phone calll all the time from homes/residences next door or near the Living Desert ...and the calls are reporting an animal or bird or reptile, etc  etc  etc  that has been cited in a back yard , a pool, etc  etc  and the caller is suggesting that the cited wildlife has probably escaped from the Living Desert but what often is the case, wildlife in our neighboring mountains are attracted to the Living Desert by nature, knowing like species are within....the wildlife will try to unsuccessfully get in and end up camping out on a nearby residence lawn....isn't that funny?  So the City Animal control will come to the location and catch/trap the wildlife and either return them to the wild or if injured deliver them to the hospital located within the living desert .  I just love that! 

A sonoran desert is a region in the South West Tip of North America USA. The Sonoran Desert comprises the south east tip of California (including Palm Desert)  and 80% of Arizona....from the USA the Sonoran Desert continues into Baja California/Mexico and borders both sides of the Sea of Cortez, MEXICO.

The desrt region known as Sonoran is uniquely lush in comparison to most other deserts. There are 2  visually dominant life forms of plants distinguish the Sonoran Desert from the other North American deserts: legume        trees(beans, pods, edible bulbs) and columnar cacti such as the Saguaro, Joshua and Barrel Cacti.

I have literally left my home in Palm Desert, pulled out of the driveway and driving down the street when in tghe corner of my eye I can see something following at near the same (20-25 mph) speed!  So being distracted I quickly look over and there's a roadrunner trotting down, no kidding

Thank-you for stopping in Sue. I  am a new artist and have enjoyed painting some of these desert animals...if you're interested you can see the paintings on my blog.

Warm Regards,

Deanna Fountain



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