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At 5:24am on February 2, 2012, Arac said…
But please mail quickly, my mailman already thinks I'm a stalker.
At 5:21am on February 2, 2012, Arac said…
I'm dying to know and as much as it pains me to write this I
suppose I'll go with option B waiting at the gate beating the mailbox up with my eyes. As much as I want to see I'll wait and keep the surprise for the opening moment ;)
At 3:57am on February 2, 2012, Arac said…

Keep up the carving my friend, can't wait to see what I get! So glad you're not mailing it from overseas anywhere, I don't think I could wait that long.  I'm almost as excited for you to start getting your mail-a-day-for-a-week and Danielle to get her mailart. I think you guys have a couple of good ones coming your way today :)

At 9:54pm on February 1, 2012, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

Mr Bear, your postcard was received in good health conditions.  As the card says "creative work" indeed.  I´ll keep my promise.  I´ll keep you posted 

At 4:57pm on February 1, 2012, Lilian Mariutti said…

Hi! I am really happy that you liked it!These were my first stamps :)

At 9:30pm on January 31, 2012, Judy Skolnick said…

I went on Tradewinds Cruise Club in the French West Indies sailing out of St. Martin on a cataramaran with 6 other people.  We did just that, the Captain and his wife did the work we ate, scubas, snorkled and drank our way through about 4 islands it was one week and I bought it from a friends time share.  You can join but the payment is a mortgage and then the trips are much less.  I enjoyed it a lot got to sail it too in the Atlantic.

At 8:46pm on January 31, 2012, Judy Skolnick said…

Hey Bear!  I love boats and that is a sailing school with the boats lined up.  I was lucky enough to get them before the left the dock.  On the Potomac Channel leading to the Potomac and Anacostia rivers.

At 1:09am on January 30, 2012, Arac said…

Been a Beary artful day...will mail #1 manana!  Sent a message to your inbox, not sure if you saw it since I think I remember reading you did this from your phone...I want hints too ;)

At 9:03pm on January 26, 2012, Audrey Wagner said…
Where the wild things are is where I believe my monster obsession comes from!! Please send me one of your monsters!! :)

Audrey Wagner
3706 Wellington Dr.
Pearland, TX 77584

Can't wait to see them!
At 6:20pm on January 26, 2012, Annapop said…

Hi Daniel! today received your letter of cool! Your puzzle's great, when I picked him, I thought that there fruit is obtained, but in the end was very cool picture! Thank you and soon expect a postcard from me ))))))

At 12:44am on January 22, 2012, vizma bruns said…

Maaaate! That's a brillo first stamp! You don't like it?? What?!! If you're going to throw it away, chuck it into the mail art you will be sending me tomorrow! ;-))

Is that a cow's tongue you're swallowing?


At 12:04am on January 22, 2012, Carla Cryptic said…

That's some tongue!

At 11:22am on January 18, 2012, Ka van Haasteren said…

Thanks Bear,

The mystery is solved...The postman must have snatched your Glow-In-The-Dark Bouncing Eyeballs. After all they were TOP Rated! ;-)

At 10:37am on January 17, 2012, Ka van Haasteren said…

Hi Bear,

Thanks for your mail-art!

I've posted it on my blog. (http://ka-mail-art.blogspot.com)

At 7:27am on January 16, 2012, vizma bruns said…

AAAhahahaha! What a fabulous cartoon that image would make! Bear on tip toes with his spy cam! Sadly, there's not much in my brain that could contribute to you ruling the world, but feel free to look around.

Bizarrely, I sent you random mail this morning, and now you add me as friend! Another Tele-pathetic moment on this mad website! Love it!

Your new rubber friend! Stamp happy friend?


At 10:52pm on January 13, 2012, DKULT said…

so you're compulsive that it has to be Compulsive Disorder Obsessive? there must be a REALLY fancy word for that disorder:)

At 11:07pm on January 11, 2012, Arac said…

I've got some exciting new for you Bear...


My friend Trav, the Travelocity Gnome has had a bit of a rough time since Sleepy the new Travelodge Sleepytime Bear has hit the scene.  I sent him to Carla for a rest in CA where she tried to straighten out his agent, then I sent him to Roberto for a much needed Puerto Rican getaway but now he's decided the only thing that will make him happy is a traveling companion...AND HE CHOSE YOU!!!  Congratulations Bear! Please pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.  Your travel details will be laid out for you in the envelope below which should arrive at your place soon. 

At 11:01pm on January 11, 2012, Arac said…

At 9:40pm on January 10, 2012, Mary England said…

haha what?

At 8:40pm on January 10, 2012, Eraser Heed said…

Hi Bear!

Sounds like an awful experience for Your father, but a anecdote to tell :)  I am glad You liked the letter.

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