New book on Artistamps and Mail-Art by John Held Jr. (USA)

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about 18 euros, and then add shipping.  Can only be ordered online (folow the link)

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What is the cost????
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Small Scale Subversion:

Mail Art & Artistamps



Table of Contents



1. Question Every Structure and Create Your Own


“These tiny worlds contain information for the initiated; insight into an Eternal Network of international cultural networkers, inspired by the 20th-century avant-garde.” Introducing the subject and the intent of the book. 


2. From Artists’ Stamps to Artistamps


Name changes reflect the maturation of the emerging field.


3. Stepchildren of Philately


Cinderella philately. Unauthorized postage and stamp collecting.


4. Defining ‘Pseudo-Postage’


Attempts at defining the artistamp field.


5. After the Long Isolation of Artists


A brief examination of the early 20th-century avant-garde’s impact on alternative networking: the Russian Futurists, Schwitters, Duchamp.



6. A Painter Writing a Letter


Ray Johnson at Black Mountain College. The formation of the New York Correspondance School. First Mail Art exhibitions.


7. Fluxpostings


The postal art activities of the Fluxus group, with special attention to their use of postage stamps, rubber stamps and postcards. 


8. Sub-cultures and Their Specific Means of Diffusion


Tracking the growth of Mail Art: From Ray Johnson and Fluxus to an international artistic network foreshadowing the Internet in establishing an open, geographically dispersed community.


9. The Formidable Blue Stamp of Yves Klein


An examination of events leading toward the French artist’s use of his signature International Klein Blue pigment on a postage stamp encapsulating “the void.”


10. Robert Watts: Stampworks, 1961-1986


How an artist fusing Pop and Fluxus produced the first artistamp sheet and subsequent works inspiring the emergence of a new artistic medium.


11. Artists’ Stamps and Stamp Images


The history of the first artistamp exhibition in 1974.


12. Personal Worlds to Cultural Strategies


The first decade of Mail Art artistamp production and exhibition.


13. A Comprehensive Catalogue of Artistamps


Michael Bidner’s quest to survey the field.


14. The Bible of Artists’ Postage Stamps (Part One)


Artistamps in Europe and North America during the mid-1980s.


15. Everyone’s an Artist


The continuing growth of artistamp exhibitions in Europe and North America, with particular attention to the Pacific Northwest as a nexus of artistamp activity.


16. I am an Artistamp Artist (Sometimes)


European activity in the 1990s.


17. A Secretary of the Absurd


Attempts at documenting the field: Artistamp News, International Directory of Artistamp Creators and The Standard Artist Stamp Catalogue.


18. The Pacific Rim Artistamp Congress


Artistamp production and exhibition in California, the Stamp Art Gallery, and the hosting of the Pacific Rim Artistamp Congress.


19. The First Moscow Artistamp Exhibition


The spread of Mail Art in the ex-Soviet Union and the rise of
Russian artistamp production.


20. Stop Mailing Fake Stamps or be Prosecuted


Artistamps as subversive activity.


21. A Revolt of Do-It-Yourself Postage Stamps


Artistamps infiltrate philatelic literature. The first book on artistamps appears.


22. The Network Has Made Me an Artistamp Producer


Artistamps exit the galleries and enter the world. 


23. Southern Post


Artistamps in South America. Edgardo-Antonio Vigo. Clemente Padin and the assembling magazine, Southern Post.


24. Artistamps and Cyberstamps


Artistamps go digital.


25. How to Fight the Madness of Bureaucracy at the End of the Twentieth Century


“The artistamp remains the perfect symbol to confront the authority and bureaucracy of communication.” An authorized Mail Art postage stamp in Belgium.


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