May Post Big Post 

from Allison Anne - nice to receive some neat-o playing cards (serendipitously sent Allison an X-Files card beforehand, her "favorite tv program" no less)

some good words from Billy Haddock - "LOVE Mail Art" - along with plenty of ... fish oil? 

bright card from Carol Melichar included in a mailing - CAMEL for short

a sheet of artistamps from C. Mehrl Bennett (I will be using them) along with some more of her work - Pig Dada included. 

just some samples above from at least 2, if not 3 mailings from DKult, full of things to work with as well as works of their own

postcard from Noriko Shimizu, Japan

Two postcards here, no less, painted work adhered to a backing from GX Jupitter-Larsen - Not Valid on Kettleday.

my humble studio work space

Been awhile since I received a work from "Mountain View", many years (indeed, the back reads in part "Greetings from California ager a long absence"), though work from Vallejo was among the 1st mail art I received. This piece, edged with bronze foil, is via James & Paul.

above, mostly collaborations by John M. Bennett et moi - Although I've sent most everything new back to John (in a mailing today), I do plan on publishing an expanded edition of our chapbook JEM TABS, using everything I've got. & only after my next project, deal, sadly long overdue, is hot in my hands: collaborations with fellow Wisconsinite Angie Cope.

It's been a pleasure trading with Lubomyr Tymkir in Ukraine. This mailing features 3 laminated, toilet paper works. 

This paper work was sent raw, from fellow Madisonian Jennifer Falkowski. She writes MAFMA - Mail Art Guild of the Madison Area. That's a scary & sweet idea.

2 works I showed at a local gallery, Art In, in April. Mashed glyphs, 16x16. The former is a light brown tone for a hawk of the same color (spots on breast) that sat right out my window before me for awhile as I painted. 

Local Comics #83 by Michael Goetz - I saw recently one of the poems inside was included in a Brain Cell, the cover in fact. 

much from Moan Lisa - I added lube to fodder & shall return promptly. 

sent this out today to Amy Irwen - fish triptych 

mashed glyph by Matthew Stolte

more mashed glyph - this one on a wine sleeve

poem inspired by an early Spring walk 

returned materials on a 2-sided index card - from "NCV" 

Water - by Chris & Raluca Tanasescu - from April 24, 2015 of Angel House Press' National Poetry Month calendar, visit: 

Paint Journal #29 by Matthew Stolte

Reliquary of Debt by Wendy Vardaman (Lit Fest Press), another fellow Madisonian - This 2015 collection of poems was inspired by a trip to Italy. Wendy is thankful for the support of those who do not ask "it [her poetry] to be something else". The poems eventually bounce back to Monroe Street, Skype & back again to Italy.
PS: Please forgive the 200 "Labels" limit. I may have just as well borrowed the title from Billy Haddock to cover it all: So you smoked pot.

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Comment by Matthew Stolte on May 27, 2015 at 2:43am

Whew - this copy & paste worked tout de suite! sweet! enjoy - & Many Thanks to all of the participants. 



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