Very full add & pass here from Carol Melichar. Also some stamps which will be useful, a feather & a completed work. 

Mim believes this add & pass is also completed. I started this one, a black & white printout. Along with the above, a sparse a&p with only Mim's & Angie Cope's work I'll work on soon. Mailed in a "Vintage envelope!"

The above 2 scans of Brain Cell 917 fit together here nicely (at least in the raw). Ryosuke Cohen used my 5089 eMTeVisPub stamp for this one (as always, thanks to Moan Lisa). 917 is going up on the wall with the others. 

C. Mehrl Bennett sent a glossy photo with a NFS sign, I believe inspired by Basquiat's work. Much appreciated scans of more Basquiat material for me (a big fan) as well - from kolaj magazine. The nail head toy is a mystery to me.

Just a few materials pictured here from 1 or more DK (Diane Keys) mailings. I worked on the watercolor in the upper right corner. Similar works were used in a collab TLP with John M. Bennett titled NADAR (see back cover below). The asemic work "art scrap" is by Nancy Bell Scott - also a beautiful piece, if scrap. DKult - It's like you're living, only better. 

David Stanley Aponte sent a couple of what will become add & passes - as well as some sports cards as usual & some other bits. 

"Tape Transfers" by Jim Leftwich. These are on index cards & the tape transfers are also taped top & bottom. These have bright, bold, colorful & complex qualities. Each one is a pleasure. 

Inside MORT AT by McMurtagh & John M. Bennett. 

More works on index cards, by both Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett, for my hand. Not sure how to work with these yet. 

Matthew Stolte John M. Bennett collab on found cardboard. I started this one. TrashPo Vispo Concrete - with strawberries & sockwind. 

3 TLPs from John M. Bennett: untitled/ NADAR/ FORK - with Diane Keys & I. Bunus on FORK

Postcard form Jennifer Weigel -  WWJWD - this informs me of her Boston address

I thought this signature of Lee Krasner's read "Kiss", especially as seen from above. Photo's from the show: Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels

June 18, 2015–September 20, 2015 - MAM (Milwaukee)

Wonderful "TrashPo Baggie Bookie" from MomKat - inlcudes 2 pages of inserts. 

From the 1st MomKat mailing this time around - Fluxus Bucks & more work about Time & No Time. Empty watch faces & unframed hands. 

Above, 2 16" x 16" works on paper by yr blogger. I call these mashed glyphs. There are intended to look like ancient stone walls of script. I've framed several & given them to friends & made some on stretched canvas as well. Ongoing paint project. 

Work (doodle) made in LaCrosse WI using an artist's piece of paper who was drawing at the bar. 

We need soup cans! Photo of me from the MAM "Rebels" show.

Completed Stamp sheet print from Ruud Janssen. Great to see something like this completed. My stamp was light as I attempted to make a decent stamp with the last of some bright pink ink I had. 

Ruud envelope 

Finally, 2 license plates from a co-worker (many thanks, Will) I cut in half to use for my mashed glyph works. He'll get his tomorrow!  

Many Thanks to all of the artist's & poets & peoples included here - what enrichment! 

Time to shower. 

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