(*) Quoted from “Walnut Tree” poem of Nazım Hikmet.

Yes, walnut tree is watching us.  Is looking at what we do,  with a shock in its eyes…


We doomed our cities to purely concrete squares, treeless streets and soilless parks.

Air is polluted, water is polluted… Fish have gone away; migratory birds are endangered; our dogs and cats are enslaved.

We have forgotten to produce… System has identified all of us as “consumers”, and while we are consuming lavishly, garbage mountains are encircling us mischievously.

And we are destroying the future of our children.

Hasn’t time come to say a “stop” thereto?

Come on. Let’s think over not a moment too soon. Where did we made a mistake? And what should we do from now on?

And let’s lend an ear to the Walnut Tree…



This project is open to all artists wishing to participate in “I’m a Walnut Tree – Mail Art Exhibition 2014” to be held at Bakırköy Municipality Botanic Park, Istanbul / Turkey between 03.05.2014 and 18.05.2014. The project will be realized by Atölye Arts-In, in cooperation with Bakırköy Municipality.


1. Participation is free.

2. Each artist may participate in the project with not more than three artworks.

3. Category: Painting, Drawing/Design, Unique Press, Photograph

4. Dimensions: 10x15 cm

5. Technique: All and any kinds of techniques may be applied.

6.  Racist, fanatic and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.

7. The artworks should be original, and should not be photocopy or reproduction.

8. Artworks sent for the exhibition will not be returned. Artworks will, during the exhibition, be offered for sale at symbolic prices for charity. The resulting earnings will be donated to a charitable institution to be determined by Bakırköy Municipality. Unsold artworks will remain in Atölye Arts-In archives.

9. Exhibition document will be sent to all participants.


10. Visuals of the artworks will be published at starting from 15.01.2014. If you have high resolution photograph of your artworks, you may send the photographs separately by e-mail to address.

11. All and any news and documents relating to the exhibition will be shared at the following internet addresses:

12. The exhibition will be installed and removed by Atölye Arts-In.

13. Logistic requirements for the exhibition will be supplied by Bakırköy Municipality.

14. Written translation services for the exhibition will be provided by International Language Services Translation and Counseling Co., Ltd.


15.  Last application date (Deadline): 15 April 2014

       Post seal date will be considered in timing.

16. Each artist is required to give the following information together with his/her artwork(s).

      Name and surname of artist, name of artwork, technique, date, artist’s mailing address,   artist’s e-mail address and if any, website address


17. Artworks should be sent by mail to the following address:

        “Ben Bir Ceviz Ağacıyım”

        Meral Ağar

        PK. 7 Beşiktaş PTT Merkez

        34354 Beşiktaş – İstanbul / Turkey


18. For all kinds of information and questions,


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