An amazing envelope full of goodies from Grigori Antonin arrived in Greece.

Yes, there is a message that Grigori is "off-the-air", not on the internet for a while,

but luckily he is making, creating, and sending ...yay! Thank you for sharing, G.! xxx

In the beginning, there was not a clue as to what, from whom, from where the packet was from:

Just a beautiful BLUE and birdie array of stamps, US postage,

aha! a faint "Minneapolis"  cancelation? 

Once opened, and note read, it was all Erniness and Grigoriness!

I carefully opened the envelope fully wide, and discovered the fantastic vispo image, markings and collage:

Wonderful details, much work and expressiveness to this Grigoriness: "Play Cool"!

...and Haptic Werewolf Erniness:

Another envelope was inside, very architectural 

And inside that, more goodies:

A fine archectural collage unfolds:

A genuine green thumb print ...Grigoiness' DNA?

Then this shall be an add and pass...who wishes to contribute to the Erni Fund?

I will "circulate" to the next person who wishes to receive it:

Grigori has already contributed $300 :-)

Then we have the famous Erni Bar Fan card, this one with a smiling face, oh yes!

...always facing Hamburg :-)

And the flip side ...we "Worship Enri's Charm" ...awww, of course!

Attached to the card there was a tiny nylon packet with this folded piece 

"Without Erni it's..."

Now that's a mystery word if ever I saw one looooong mystery word:

Maybe means:

Thank you muchly, G.! Time to meditate on the Erniness of Life! xxx

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on March 12, 2013 at 5:47pm

Waiting to see who wishes to contribute next...Bar bear is taking care of it

Comment by Nancy Bell Scott on March 11, 2013 at 7:17pm

WOW!!! Labor-intensive masterpiece. Must go meditate right now.



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