Amy Irwen's postcard size work features plastic mesh & textile stitching along the right edge. Dated 09.21.15. The upper corner dolphin (from Sea World, as noted on the back) jumps above the card. Although seemingly untitled & bearing the phrase "The Monster Lives" along the bottom, I refer to this work as "Dolphin Boy". "Unlock the genetic code". The envelope includes a ticket from Black Mass.

Various "trash" from DKult - the handmade envelope arrived opened along the bottom - I hope nothing fell out - includes much appreciated stickers, a pink, stamped feather (I will be returning a feather in kind, found at an art installation on Picnic Point on the UW campus, feathers tied to a tree rotating in the wind, some blowing free), much appreciated Taylor Swift paraphernalia & indeed a Certificate of Inspection, from the State of Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal, dated 06/27/85.

Diane Keys also collaborated with John M. Bennett in the chapbook titled TUMBO RUGIENTE, Luna Bisonte Prods 2015, sent by Bennett. See the covers below. TR includes work like on the covers along with poetry by JMB (titles: fuel or rope/ flux form/ the tablet/ red fog). lunatic lane...

"studio trash" via Helen Amyes

The two works below are collaborations with myself & John M. Bennett:

MomKat (Katerina Nikoltsou) joins the collaborative effort with John M. Bennett in a TLP (titled ESPEJO VESTIDO, Luna Bisonte Prods 2015) sent by her. Included in this mailing is a similar, original work, though this one bears "googly-eyes".

On the heels of her last mailing, Katerina sent a minimally painted postcard on cardboard.

Postcard, For "U" - from Katerina (MomKat)

The following 9 works are by me, enjoy!

Though I am concentrating on having several chapbooks printed, I find that I cannot go without painting for more than a few days without beginning to suffer, dying like an unwatered plant. Thus 1st efforts out of this desert can be muddy, until focus is regained, which this series of works may attest to. Saturate the soil!

Rain or "Rubber Stamps & Dreams of Cashflow" by MTS

 I continue to write in the Paint Journal. It has become obsessive to the point that I wrote PJ 32, titled "Bed, Bike, Broke", in 27 days. If yr interested in how much I enjoy a PBJ sandwich, rough drafts of haiku, what my Mom said, random quotes strung together & critical analysis of music by Sting, then PJ 32 is a must read.

Paint Journal 31

Paint Journal 32

Finally, Many Thanks to Mete Sarabi for sending a mailing of add & passes. Will send those out soon if I haven't already.

I'll be at Madison Print & Resist October 31st at the Madison Public Library with as many chapbooks as I can print between now & then.

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on October 20, 2015 at 2:33pm

Some great work here, IMHO. Thx Matt.

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on October 20, 2015 at 10:59am

A great enjoyable blog, Matthew! Wow!

Thanks for showing the "blue" MomKat things, glad they all arrived.

And I am sooo enjoying your art work...bravo!

Comment by Matthew Stolte on October 20, 2015 at 2:33am

Enjoy IUOMA! & Many Thanks to MomKat (aka K. N.)! sending you a mailing tomorrow.



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