Large Postcard via Dean - Artist in Seine - 2 NOV 2015

postcard from Prof. Frog

postcard post postcard week (May 3-9) via Steve

card & TLP via Katerina Nikoltsou

outgoing add & pass

Thanksgiving collaboration postcard via Amy Irwen

7 page chapbook from Luna Bisonte Prods 2015

artistamps by C. Mehrl Bennett

C. Mehrl Bennett artistamps for Luna Bisonte Prods

Collaborations with Diane Keys


FOMA performing with Jaap Blonk in Madison, WI

John M. Bennett artistamps

center of SEED ALBA - TLP by Katerina Nikoltsou & John M. Bennett

2 TLPs & 2 Cards via John M. Bennett

from HEAD BLADE by McMurtagh & John M. Bennett

from deat by McMurtagh & John M. Bennett

Fish Call - Moan Lisa

3 Snapfish fish prints by Moan Lisa

mIEKAL aND arranged the event with FOMA (group from Madison: David Pedersen, the sound alchemist; Diana Sussman, spikes; & Molly Wells, the Yawpper!) & Jaap Blonk (November 3rd, At Threshold) & brought wine - Driftless Sacred Grove - for tasting. Though the turnout was eventually overflowing, few were about before the show - I asked Jaap to hand pick a CD of his for me from his wares suitcase - the remainder of CDs & cassettes from his American tour. He chose - after reading the title & providing a brief description of each one - imp rovi sors: BLONK, ZACH & GRYDELAND (Kontraus 950). I subsequently ordered FLUX DE BOUCHE (recorded in 1992) & the track "glasslass" (by Dick Higgins) went straight to my head, having recently seen Jaap Blonk live. On this sound poetry kick, I requested 30 Dialogos Sonoros (John M. Bennett & Martin Gubbins), another inspiring & recommended audio release (from Luna Bisonte Prods). 

My outgoing/ incoming mail art & poetry has slowed to a near halt recently & I assume will slow further due to the holidays (we'll see). So happy 2016! Many Thanks to all for yr work & PS: No cheeks were harmed during this blog post. 

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Comment by Dean aka Artist in Seine on December 1, 2015 at 3:30pm

Happy it arrived, thanks for positng it.

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on December 1, 2015 at 2:42pm

Now this is a : BLOG JAM!

Great haul of mail art, Matthew,

thanks for blogging!

Not to rush, Matthew, make and send at your pace,

and enjoy the holidays!

Comment by Matthew Stolte on December 1, 2015 at 2:36pm

HELLO IUOMA! Dean - may i get yr address (puis-je obtenir votre adresse)? Katerina - will try to get a big mailing out to you before the weekend! nice work! Thanks to All!



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