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Angie Cope postcard 

Unsolicited Artist Stamp (of me) by Ahmet DEMIR, Turkey

works by Amy Irwen

Amy Irwen postcard

works by Amy Irwen, this one using part of an old painting rag

from Krzysztof Szymczak

from Krzysztof Szymczak

Brain Cell

from C. Merl Bennett by Olchar E. Lindsann (& Abe)

works from C.Z. Lovecraft

from Diane Keys

collaborations with Diane Keys

postcard from David Stanley Aponte

works from Ed Glecek

works from Jon Foster 

Lybomyr Tymkir

Mars Tokyo postcard 

works from Mete Sarabi

works by Mindaugas Zuromskas

postcard by Michael Orr

ZEUM collage by Paul Baker

Pier Roberto Bassi

Sparkle Brown

Terry Owenby

Toni Hanner

well, mostly you.

it's difficult to know when to make a blog post. sometimes i don't have enough, then a steady stream will be delivered until, now: i'm sitting in front of a pile of works without having scanned everything having just uploaded 74 jpegs. C.Z. Lovecraft & Jon Foster alone have sent a lot. Most, if not all images here 1st appeared on Facebook. I'm overwhelmed.

Special Thanks to Ahmet DEMIR for the amazing (& unsolicited) artist stamp project sent out to many IUOMA artists. Aponte sent a painted postcard, as well as the more usual printed one. Sparkle Brown/ Vizma Bruns' mailing is appreciated, along with the older "Fish Turban with Scallops" man finally coming down from the wall. A lot of work from Krzysztof Szymczak as well, with possible CD exchanges to ensue pending finding the right titles. I have a lot of material & add & passes to work on. A lot of the work here made its way onto my walls.

Many Thanks to All. I hope you enjoy these blog collections. 

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Comment by Matthew Stolte on October 18, 2017 at 9:19pm

Thanks Katerina. You reminded me to post Part 2 here as well. Now I'm switching art gears but i think i'll do a mass IUOMA mailing anyway before the end of the year. 

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on October 18, 2017 at 4:46pm

What a fantastic "Blog Jam"! thanks for sharing here, Matthew!

and rush or pressure to answer all mail art right away,

take time to create and enjoy!



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