Belated - But Ever so Welcome - The World is a Town - Stephanie Blake (USA), Mona Lisa - ARAC, LMF and Heleen De Vaan (Netherlands)

Belated but ever so welcome - a reminder of the wonderful projects that have gone before. I am busy sorting through all the work I have received, cataloguing, photographing filing (!) getting ready for the Big Time.  I intend to issue a pdf catalogue so I hope at least a few of you will download it!

From Stephanie Black (USA) The World is a Town. 

It’s a world filled with people who just actually want to get on with the daily round of life. People as far apart as east and west.  The same. But different.  Making food, keeping warm, history, lighting fires, playing music, riding horses.  Laughter, love, sorrow and joy. 

Those emotional ingredients  which render us what we are.  Sealed, Stephanie has preserved moments of human activity.  People we don’t know. Places we have never been. 

But life - living stories we have lived and shared with others across the globe.  In the world town.

These laminated postcards remind me of playing cards - time spent in the sun, watching family and friends - squabbling over whose turn it is to make tea! Thank you Stephanie - WELL worth waiting for :-)X

And Mona Lisa. Man, she received MANY guises during this call - these are all going to be a wonderful display - thank you to those of you who participated - RCBz was of course the MOST prolific - I need him onboard more projects!

From ARAC (USA) - a view of the past and a vision for the future?

Interesting text when juxtaposed with the cautionary (and rather sad?) eye of Mona?

 From Lesley Magwood Fraser (South Africa) - ok - I'm calling this Mona CrossPatch - nice one LMF :-)

From Heleen de Vann (Netherlands) - Heleen says she made this for "E" originally (where is he??) and is hoping to make me an original one - YES PLEASE!!! But thank you for sending this in the interim X

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Comment by Austin Wills James on July 13, 2012 at 1:50pm

Looking forward to the PDF version. :)


Comment by cheryl penn on July 12, 2012 at 11:06pm

Hey De Villo - nice to see you around :-) - good things never die - thats it I think :-) X

Comment by De Villo Sloan on July 12, 2012 at 7:01pm

Excellent and thought-provoking additions to your project, Cheryl. Thanks for posting.



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