IUOMA membership Cards

When you have received a IUOMA membership Card, what can you do with it? what did you achieve with it? This also goes for older cards. In this groups visuals and also stories on how the cards can be used.Also visions.....
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  • Mail Art Martha

    Ruud, calling  Ruud, help! Please! Can you remember when did you send these cards around?

  • Ruud Janssen

    YEARS ago.
    Postage is now too high to supply the demand...

  • Richard Canard

    27.08.23 Dare Mister Ruud Janssen, .....& so, once again...." Money & Mail Art don't Mix." ----Lon Spiegelman (1941-2002)..............when I first got involved in this "Mail Art" business as a beginning "Mail Artist" (in the early 60's) the postage rate for a U. S. postcard was 5 cents. Nowadaze,The rate is 51 cents (& as I recall, plus an extra 5 cents for an official U.S. 51 cent Postage printed little white card). --- Mail art  & Money obviously are now beginning to be intricately intertwined.------Considering the economics of the here & now & the reality of old age, the IUOMA has become a means for me at a daily attempt in maintaining my interest in this noble art form by way of  viewing the many artists at the IUOMA.----  & You, Ruud Janssen have long maintained & contributed monumentally to Mail Art & to us all.Thank You (over & over again).   SinCelery, Richard C.