let's examine, honour and celebrate: INSPIRATION

* what inspires you?

* how does inspiration "work"?

* what happens in the short moment before we realise that we have been inspired?

* how does it feel to be inspired? what makes it stop?

*what happens with us right after the spark of inspiration?

* what else comes to your mind..?

Let's explore and honour INSPIRATION :)

Your artworks and thoughts will be highly appreciated  :)

* you can send texts, questions, artworks..

* feel free

either you upload them on the IUOMA group "inspiration" 

or send them to:

Rebekka Schmidt "Inspiration"

Postfach 11 13

22870 Wedel


I will upload a photo of your artwork on the IUOMA group "inspiration" and swap the originals between the participants randomly. That means: every participant who sends an original submission to my postbox will receive the original submission of another participant.

please make sure that your address is legible

formate: must fit in postbox

for digital art: please upload it directly on the group.

deadline: 31 of january 2024

If you have questions, feedback etc: feel free to contact me :)

Time: August 22, 2023 at 6pm to January 31, 2024 at 6pm

Location: IUOMA group and mail

City/Town: Wedel

Event Type: call, for, art, mailart