The Decorations are already going up for the First Annual Hallowe'en Ball.  We need more decorations.  Make more.  We need people and creatures to attend the ball.  Send your decorations and entities BETWEEN NOW AND OCTOBER 31 to anyone in our group (INVITE MORE), including ME:


Theresa Williams

1800 Bowling Green Road East

Bradner, OH  43406-9783




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This went to Erni Bar because I read on one of his blogs that he was once a gravedigger.

Harry finished his costume just in time for the Halloween Ball.  He is attending as a Trashpo style Mummy with a Sugar Skull mask.


Harry has wrapped himself mummy style in organic tape recycled from fruit.  His sugar skull mask is made from a stamped image received in the mail - with a bit of ink and glitter added.


Original scan of the uncostumed paper dolls sent to me by Diane Keys, can be seen here:

This is excellent! I don't know how on earth you did this, but Harry looks fantastic. From loin cloth to this-quite the make=over

Love Harry's costume! Here are cards from ChaosAtlanta (potions) and Angie and Snookie (octopus)


And here is the great owl that ChaosAtlanta sent to me!


Happy Hallowe'en everybody, have a donut .....


The Hallowe'en Ball is raging and all our guests are enjoying the decorations, dancing, eating, drinking, and having a good time! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. HAPPY HALLOWE'EN! Wouldn't you know, on the last day came a really great Hallowe'en card from Roberto! Thanks, Roberto! (will post later. I'm having trouble uploading to IUOMA today. I can't get the text bar to load.)

Well, finally.  Here is Roberto's art:





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