I wanted to start a discussion thread to keep all ideas on a final book seperate. Please throw in any ideas you have

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Elena has suggested that a yearbook should be 365 pages. With perhaps 20 of us likely to complete 365/365 days this will be quite a challenge, so we'll have to be really tight on what goes in. It does however keep in perspective how much we are creating. Any ideas on layout or how to organise contributions?

I would love to be able to get a copy out to each of you that complete. Not sure yet, the idea is purely brewing at the moment


Dewi has suggested a monthly digest or perhaps chapter a month. Even a mini-book? With the number of posts we've had lately that would seem utterly reasonable

Keep it simple!

I agree. The focus should be on the artwork and the folks who made the mail art, not a bunch of layout gimmicks and distracting design...


I'm a good editor and I have lots and lots of patience with detail work, so please feel free to throw anything nit-picky and time consuming my way. 

Sometimes themes seem to happen spontaneously, like the fish, so maybe the organization could be by themes.

I would love to see more than just the images, though. I like a bit of background, or process. Not as much as I usually put in my posts, but just enough for readers look at in case they want more. Books like this are mostly for the pictures, I know. 

Thanks for the offer Postmuse and I will certainly take you up on it. I know that Paula is also an editor. I wonder if there is a way we can collaboratively edit something like this. Google docs perhaps? Does Blurb allow collaboration?

Andy -- 


My husband does a bit of design and layout for Blurb (on their in-house projects); as far as I know, all collaboration/layout/design/etc. is the responsibility of the person/people authoring the book (i.e. NOT Blurb). Blurb is just the POD ("print on demand") printer. They have a pretty specific way that they want people to upload book projects -- design (from their point of view) is usually best done in In Design...

Perhaps this answers a few questions? :-)


Recently I've heard of quite a few people, like Gina Trapani, publishing books from wikis. This is an obvious way to get the collaborating part done, although I'm still in the dark about how to print from it. Please could someone find out and report back.

It will be interesting to see how many will actually complete 365 mail art pieces. We could have 365 pictures,maybe 150 pages in the book. I am not too keen on "themes", as one theme might have 30 pics, and another theme only one or two. And our art work would be all over the different pages, even out of date sequence. Whereas if we have "artist page", or two  then each mail artist could chose the works to be published and even in a date-order perhaps or not.

It will be VERY interesting to see how many make it to the "365" goal!

And the book is a great idea and great incentive! Thanks!

I like this idea of a "yearbook" -- almost like a catalog of each person who makes it through to the end of the project. An "artist page" would be a good idea, since all artists could be arranged alphabetically...or geographically? Just some thoughts...


I recently join the group, and not know exactly want you want to do together. Can anyone explain the project?

Some years ago I made a Monthbook by myself.... printing wood blocks. It was a unique book, but I could print other copies anytime I want to.

This year I work with Google Docs with some people to make a collaborative work... It's simply to use and you can upload files or images... May be an alternative to work in the distance....

I´m sure there´s people who has more experience in the group, I only made collaborative work by mail or e-mail.

Hi Marcela


Take a look at www.mailart365.com and see what you make of it. Perhaps you can give us some ideas of how we can put together something




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