Even though it makes sense that we can look on each others profiles, you may want to add your address here and any blogs or other accounts you want highlighted. This way it's in a closed environment and we all get to share.

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Ok, so I'm supposed to post my address here...

Forgive me while I stumble around looking, trying to figure out how everything works LOL




Sandra Clark-Ferrua

In der Dur 14

54498 Piesport



i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit
1234 sandusky dr.
iowa city, ia 52240


i don't tweet. i don't have a phone. :)
Just in case you didn't see my reply to your request for my address - look below & you have my address - that's me - BrisChris

Well - here I am - have jumped in boots & all - guess time will tell how long I can keep going with the 'punishing' schedule! My address is


23 Macintosh Street



In case anyone wishes to share their art with me! Do enjoy looking at the variety that comes from a lot of very talented artists!  Name is Christine Jones - so far it seems there are 2 artists from Oz - both Jones's!  Obviously a talented lot these Jones's!!!

You're not related are you? (someone had to say it...)

Hello i am glad to be here, i think this theme is very interesting
here's my address
Room102, Building72,lane#151,West Guilin Street, Xuhui District, ShangHai,China. Zipcode: 200233 中国,上海 徐汇区桂林西街151弄72号102室 邮编:200233

my site:http://lazybunnyillus.com/

Hi Everyone,  I just made an address change to a PO bocx to handle my mailart.  Hopefully, it will always be filled!


new address is:  Sue Bowen (prettylily)

                         P.O. Box 6209

                         Norfolk, VA 23508


Hand carried a bunch of mail to the PO for some of you non USA folks.  Shouldn't ne a problem according to the PO for me to leave for the mailman to pick up, in the future.

I missed the memo that you and prettylily are one and the same! Sending you at least one envelope today. xo Boo
Boo,  I'm so glad you found me. Have a great holiday weekend.  prettylily  ;-)

Pamela Campbell

573 Prickley Pear Drive

Washington, UT

USA       84780

Merdoc Robotics

PO Box 7117

Redlands Ca. 92374

Courtney Prudhomme

234 Fossett Rd

Kinder, LA 70648



I LOVE mail art and I look forward to making a piece a day!!




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