I have two Trios that I'd like to send on to a willing jammer

These first three are my own trio that I have done the base for:

And these have been started by the lovely Olena Spicer. I will do the second stage, and I am looking for a willing third person.

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Hi Jo, I have never done this before but I think I have the idea. If someone could just fill me in on the rules for the jam (I have never even made jam), I would be very willing. Your trees look very nice too.

If you don't have volunteers yet, count me in, Jo!

Saw this too late, but I am always open to jam .Hope you received your part of thecduonainsent back.

Hi Ann, I just sent off a jam to you today for the third leg. And in case I did not mention this before (for which I apologise) I did receive my part of our previous jam back and I absolutely loved it. I've been very absent for a while but am back now and ready to jam with gusto.

Hello, adventure is seducing me! Let me be(come) a member of this group :)

And / But, as for Mel Anie, I neither have ever done this "jamming" before. I am not sure I have the idea: is it that somebody makes two or more ATCs and then one or more ATC-jammers can ask for one of these ATCs and then ?add an element? This stage of "what you are supposed to do with the ATC you recieve" is unclear for me.

I hope I can participate! I will start to make two or three ATCs that I will put up here :)

So if there is still one of the ATCs made by Jo or Elena -or by another jammer, I am interested to recieve on of them ;)

Thank you for the friend request, Willemien. I would be happy to do some trio jamming with you.

Super Fleur! Then THREE ATCs will come soon -if the mail is functioning well -and I can make it to the mailvox through THIS RAIN... :)



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