How Can We Get More Of The ATC Rebels Involved In Exchanges?

There are so many artists that are part of this group, but unfortunately we just have a handful that trade.

So, what would you like to see from ATC Rebel that would entice you back?

If you have decided that this group is not for you, and you no longer want to be a part of trades, please take a minute and "un- join" the group. Everyone will understand; life goes on.

I'm anxious to hear from all our members!!!!

Amy Irwen
MN ATC Rebel

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ATC rebels must fight for recognition,

like most groups at iuoma there are only a few who actually

mail anything.i am happy to include an ATC in most things i send.

get a public relations person and have a trading card given away

w/ another product promotion. a specialized field needs creative

marketing, so, sign me up for any major exchanges in the future.

"we need more mail-artz" cb.

lets exchange ATCs : )

Uta @MottattoM

20 bis av Giuseppe Motta

1202 Geneva Switzerland

Hi Amy,  I follow your group to see what nice things you all make, but participating was over my head.  Everything goes so fast. I only started abt a year ago, and now I'm  more involved in mail-art projects rather than ATC's. I'm participating the atc jams though, but a day is only as long as...... Maybe I should participate ATC Rebesl instead of spending time on the jams. I honestly hope you don't want me to un-join as I log in quite often.  Kind regards - Chris 

I've over committed to swaps on another site, but I'm still interested it watching the trades here. Lurking for now, but I will jump in soon. Promise. <3

Hi Amy, I like this group a lot, unfortunately my ATC production is really slow, I always leave and stare at the format instead of just create ... but I'm still interested to trade and learn, don't give up on me yet :)

Another idea is that we could work from a theme. We could do swaps. Most of the Art I do is on a schedule. If I know where to put it on my calendar, it makes it easier for me to organize. (I need all the help I can get. )  Anyway, just a thought. It might not gel with the rebel theme. 

First, thank you all for the input. Second, please don't think this is "shit or get off the pot" kinda thing.

When I first started with the "Rebels" there were about 49 people, now there are 96. WHOOP! New blood is always good, it's gets everyone excited again. I'm love'n that everyone is enjoying the work that you see here; it has certainly evolved!

I really like the idea of group trades or 3 person jams. I was thinking that for the first group endeavor we could do a trade, with the group favorite getting a whole set of the participatory ATC's. it would work like this:

A member would host the trade - I will host the first one
Members would sign up
Each member would produce 2 ATC's, creating similar images. They would not have to be exact but close.
Each set of cards would be posted separately so that they could be "liked" (voted) on by everyone.
The set of artist cards with the most "likes" would be crowned "Rebel for a Day" and would be bequeathed a whole set, one of each Members ATC's.
The remaining ATC's would be selected at random and sent as trades to all participators.
Everyone wins and we all have some fun...

Would anyone, some, everyone be interested in this challenge?

Should I start a separate call for art with this suggestion or msg all the members...opinion please *!*
Great idea Angie...I did two ATC's for example..once they are dry to scan I will start posting... the comment section they can type "vote ________ (name)"
Angie , can this be copy/paste into the comment box? Coooool!

Don't know for sure if I'm a member of this group...but I could be.  Just let me know and I will gladly sign up for a swap.


Amy:  Got your Doggy Swap today with the picture of the German Shepard; LOVED IT!  Thank you so much.

Mary Grellner



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