Does anyone know a source for dry gummed sheets of paper?  Looking for 8x11 in a ream if possible.  So far, all sources have turned up dry with one expensive exception.  

Have looked at wine/beer bottle labels but they come on small packs of 5 or 10.


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A source I usually use is Bill Porter in Colorado, whose website is

He offers packs of unperforated 50-lb and 60-lb dry gummed paper at reasonable prices. Or, if you are willing to pay more, get a box of 100 sheets with perforation dimensions chosen from his menu. He also offers perforated assortments. I have gotten excellent results from Bill's papers on both inkjet and laserjet printers.

A second source is 100-Proof Press, but I haven't ordered from them in a long time.

Hope this helps.

~ Jack @ Cascadia Artpost

Can you check the link - - when I follow the link I end up at an insurance company site.

I've emailed 100-Proof Press to see if they have this paper.

Thanks for the leads

Sorry - a dash instead of a period:

~ Jack @ Cascadia Artpost

I have purchase UNGUMMED perforated postage paper at a very reasonable price from 100 proof press . I just checked the web site's store  and it still sells them. I attach them to mail art with a glue stick. 

Thanks for the leads.  I have some paper used to make labels for wine and beer bottles.  It is gummed but much less than normal gummed paper for stamps would be.  Its major advantage is that it is much cheaper.  

Actually, the gum on label paper is quite powerful.  I find that barely moistening it is all you need or let it dry a bit before applying otherwise, it can easily warp the paper support.  After all, the adhesive is meant to stick to glass so it has to be robust.  It has a matte gum/dry gum that has some tooth!

Bill's offerings include matte finish and glossy paper so you can get quite a variety of good results depending on your printer.  It has gum more suited for paper-to-paper applications, because it's more like any lick-and-stick postage stamp.

Based on your cautionary info, I tested it the label paper out on different types of paper.  I didn't have a problem with it warping the paper it was put on but once it was glued on, it bonded instantly and there was no moving it.   I think that this might be an issue if your base paper was something light like a race paper - I can see it overwhelming a paper like that.   OTOH, if you were using this on the outside of an envelope or a heavy paper base, you would never have to worry about it coming off in the mail.  

Portland Stamp Company sells perforated, gummed sheets in various sizes and they provide templates to use to create your artwork to fit perfectly on the sheets. I'm going to try these soon myself.



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