Not that kind of junk and not thse kinds of drawers...

Hey, we all have them. I have several. They are veritable trasher troves of useless and useful-but-forgotten stuff. Papers, letters from lost lovers, dried up fountain pens, church attendance buttons, poker chips from vegas, funny money from world travel, old bow ties or garter belts, expired passports, boy scout knives, party favors from New Years Eve 2000...

Oh the embellishments, the trashpo, the assemblages, the 3D collage possibilities...

I would love to see pictures of, and mailart from every Dkultist Trashpoet in the IUOMAsphere. Anyone else get giddy at the thought of getting into everyone else's junk drawers?

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lol==the where's waldo of junk drawers!! I love it. why is it so fascinating and soothing to look at these? is it to know that most of human behavior is universal???  we all squirrels hoarding nuts?

or hoarders squirreling nuts

punk squirrel--80s hair

where's waldo junk drawer:  i see lots of tacks, rubberbands, drill bits I think, batteries, flags, one of those connectors for an electric skillet, and what looks like a taser holder:)

A good idea just came to me, thanks to you folks! Diane come over and make some scribbles! I noticed there was no scissors in your kitchen junk drawer, Angie ;)

I am beginning to assemble my first Junk-Drawer packets....

and here's another one!

and yet more...

these are awesome Dan-junk drawer temporary art installations are a great idea.  your drawers definately have a very masculine sensibility--very cool to see thesE!

Work in Progress: The A side of my first Junk Drawer Assemblage

fantastic!!! is this going to be all glued down? or just freestanding?  love the keys that say "Dark Room"




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